Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Easy Street Mystery Quilt, Part 1

Since I have finished all my holiday shopping, wrapped all the gifts, mailed out the holiday cards and decorated the house from attic to basement (NOT!), I have decided to fill my spare time by joining Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt Challenge, Easy Street . I took a class with Bonnie Hunter this summer in Vermont and just love her I have followed her blog for years and own all of her books. I think she is very talented, as well as generous. Her website is amazing, loaded with free patterns and all sorts of other good stuff:

Here are the beautiful colors I am using for my purples, teals, and lime greens. I have raided my batik stash, although I had to purchase the lime green fabrics.
I was inspired by my friend Joannie, who is also using batik fabrics.
These are Joannie's black and white batiks.
I am envious...maybe she will share...
My friend Kim, who did Bonnie's Orca Bay Mystery, seen in several of my previous blog posts, encouraged us in this endeavor. So, the four of us, Marion, Kim, Joannie and I are all working on it. Joannie came over on Monday night to get started. So far, I have made 40 4-patch units (only 152 left to go) for step 1. There is A LOT of sewing in this quilt.
My black and white prints are kind of zippy! They were dizzying to cut! Apparently I am quite fond of geometric patterns. The little words on the fabric above, say "moo....moo", it is an old fabric and one of my favorites. All the black and white prints came from my stash. My grey fabric is Kaffe Fassett Aborigine Dots. Marion and I both purchased the same background fabric.

My quilt studio is decorated in zebra prints with hot pink accents and it is quite wonderful except when you try to iron black and white fabrics against a zebra ironing board cover.
Here is a cutting tip. I stack two strip units together in the opposite direction. When I cut them they are already in position to be a 4-patch unit, so all I have to do is pick them up and sew them. Here are two strips in position, I have pulled back the top strip so you can see what I mean.
Step 1. Stack in opposite directions.
Top layer is folded back for illustrative purposes.

Step 2, all cut and in sewing order!

Here are my next 100 4-patches, cut and ready to sew.
Yesterday, Marion and Kim were doing virtual sewing, while Joannie and I were at work. They kept sending us email messages with progress reports. Kim is a fast sewer, she probably has all of her 4-patches done.
Here are my three pug assistants, all sacked out on the zebra dog bed
in the quilt studio. Larry and Elvis are in front.
Romeo is in the back, trying to squeeze into the bed with them.
Must stop blogging, and get back to those 4-patches. I am really enjoying seeing everyone's progress.

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Thanks for introducing you little assistants. They are adorable. Love those b/w batiks! I look forward to seeing your progress.

  2. NAwwww, so cute those dogs are :-) Happy quilting!

  3. I meant to iron the strips together as you did, but forgot. So I had to match each little piece up with a mate before sewing - definitely slowed me down. :(
    I think it's great that you have friends to make the quilt with you. I'm doing the quilt with my daughter and we decided to use the same constant, also. It will be interesting to see how your friends personalities show through their quilts, don't you think?.

  4. I love your grey print, and the batiks will look fabulous. Looking forward to the next clue.

  5. I love seeing what everyone has pulled out for the background and their choice for constant! Thank you for sharing yours, Sharyn

  6. Really like your Batiks! I'm joining this mystery quilt as well. Can't wait to see your progress!

  7. So good to see all the progress from others doing the same quilt around the world. I'm joining from Norway. So happy to be one of you. Have a nice sunday evening. (ah, may be it's morning with you).

  8. Visiting from Sew Darn Crafty. Wow, this looks like a lot of sewing. Love the dogs helping.

  9. I am using that moo fabric is an old one!