Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday in the Studio with Marion

Marion came over this morning for a few hours of sewing. Mike is NOT a morning person, so he  doesn't mind if I sneak in a few hours of sewing while he is still snoozing.

Marion made pillowcases for two of her grandchildren. They are flannel and very snugly.
She is also working on a set of place mats with lighthouse fabric that will be a Christmas gift for her neighbors who have a summer place. One of the lighthouses shown on the fabric is actually located near their house in Maine. This is the same pattern that Joannie has been using for her place mat-o-rama that you've seen in previous blog posts.

I made six Patriot's pillowcases for our Etsy shop. They are for sale here:
Here are Larry and Elvis getting a quick snuggle in the bed with Daddy this morning.
Mike doesn't like the dogs to sleep with us, since they shed profusely. They sleep downstairs in the kitchen unless Mike is away and I let them sleep with me as a treat. In this photo I had gone upstairs to let Mike know that I was headed out and Larry jumped in the bed so naturally Elvis had to get on the bed too (with a little help from his PugMom).

Enjoy your day!

And a special Happy 50th Anniversary wish to my Mom & Dad! That's quite a milestone! Here's hoping for 50 more!

Pugs and kisses,

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