Monday, December 10, 2012

Easy Street Mystery Quilt, Part 3, or Much Ado About Nothing

My friends, Kim, Joannie, Sally, Marion, and I (the Brown Bagger Bonnie Hunter Team) are all working on the Easy Street Mystery. We met up a week ago last Sunday and I blogged about our progress last week on Bonnie's Linky Party, . Step 3 was published this past Friday, (scroll towards the bottom, but before the blogger comments). I am linking to Bonnie's weekly Linky Party

My progress this week has been a big fat ZERO. So far, I have printed out two sets of Step 3, one for me and one for Marion, who can't get her computer to like Bonnie's printer friendly directions. While I was slaving away at work today, I got a cheery post from Kim who happily reported:

  I’m surprised at myself that I am keeping up with Easy Street.  It’s not making a dent in my stash.


Yes, Kim's finished Step 3 already. And to add insult to injury, she sent us all a photo (or maybe it was to keep us motivated...)
Here are Kim's lovely Step 3 blocks.
Next, email I got was from Sally:

Looks great.  Am jealous.  Just finished part 1.


Right before I went home tonight, the group got a funny email from Joannie:

Note to self:   Don't open Kim's email's  -- she is way ahead of me.  Kim's looks great while I have only printed part 1, 2, & 3. Sewed strips on part one--no 4-patch cutting yet.  This just reminds me of how far I am behind...

I called Marion to find out where she was and she reported that she had finished Part 1 and has cut 40 units for Part 2.

So, fellow bloggers, don't despair if you are far behind, you are in good company! Don't feel guilty when you read all those blogs from other people who post promptly on Monday morning that they have finished Step 3 or are making the Mystery Quilt in three different colorways... we are with you!

So, you're probably asking what did I do all week, if I didn't work on the Mystery Quilt? 

I DID work on the Mystery Quilt, Step 2, on Monday night last week with Joannie; Tuesday night, I took Larry Pug to Obedience Class (he graduates tomorrow); Wednesday night went out to dinner with my husband Michael; Thursday night made pillowcases for my nephews with my Thursday night sewing friends; and went to a holiday party on Friday night, with same friends. Saturday, Joannie, Marion, and I went on a fabric acquisition expedition. 
I bought these two fabrics above at Sewphisticated in Framingham--only $2.99 a yard. I found this funny fabric below in the $1.99 stack at Fabric Place in Framingham. I'm going to make pillowcases for my Dad and my brother, Jeff. Tools Rule!
I also bought some wonderful Kaffe Fassett fabrics at The Button Box in Wellesley for a class that I took with Joannie on Sunday because you can never have to many unfinished projects (UFOs), especially around the holidays!
We used this Leaves Galore template by Sue Pelland and cut curvy shapes with a rotary cutter. The class was held at Quilter's Way in Acton. More about this class in a future blog post.
Sunday night, Mike's sister and her family came over for dinner and we celebrated Chanukah together. I gave my nephews the pillowcases that I had made.
Josh, on left, shows off his half minkee, half flannel pillowcase, I'm in the middle with the skateboarder pillowcase (I made two of these, one for each of them), and Sam, on the right, who has suddenly become a head taller than I am, models his mountain bike pillowcase.
Sam said his mountain bike pillowcase was sick, which is apparently a compliment in teenager-speak.

Good luck with Step 3. I don't think I'll be working much on it this week either, but I'm with you all in spirit.
Pugs and kisses,


  1. ROFL... I can't get over teenagers saying "sick" and meaning it to be a complement. Your nephews really seem to like their pillow cases! Teenagers are so hard to find a present for. Your Tools Rule fabric really looks fun! What a great find for your dad and brother. Take encouragement from Kim's blocks and put a few minutes work on yours. Try Bonnie's method, just one hour a day. It gets done that way! Happy Sewing to all of you!

  2. How funny. Sew like the wind! It's great that you are working together as a group. Not long now till Clue 4!