Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snow, snow, and more snow

On Thursday and Friday, we had another little gift from Mother Nature...
The weatherman had said we were going to get a small storm, about 4-6 inches. Oops! We actually got about 2 feet of snow over two days.
Mike went out and shovelled the paths at least three times.
Dashing through the snow in my purple puggy coat---wheeeee! Larry Pug
Larry Pug loves the snow. He went charging in over his head and was racing around. Elvis and Romeo were not as thrilled.
Snow falling on Elvis

This is a stone pug in my garden buried up to its neck.

This is another one of those infamous quilts that both Marion and I have made. Both are finished. They took us several years over many long quilt weekends. Let's just say this quilt has a lot of pieces and a lot of machine applique. Our friend, Joan S. nicknamed it, Those expletive-deleted Snowmen, apparently because of all the words that Marion and I uttered under our breath while making them. I LOVE this quilt and am greatful that Marion nagged spurred me on to finish it.

This is a table runner that I taught as a class a few years ago.

A close-up, the snowmen are made of quilt batting!
This is actually a framed quilt. I made this in a class with Jackie Paton at All About Quilts. The top is a stencil, the bottom is teeny-weeny paper-pieced log cabin blocks. I finished this in 1997--I know because I signed it on the front! Sorry, it is crooked. It hangs in my stairwell and there isn't any room to back up.
Fortunately it has warmed up since Friday and all you can hear is the sound of snow melting. Roofs are dripping, drains are running, and it is quite a slushy mess everywhere!

The girls and I are headed out for some Chinese food and a quilt shop!

Have a great day!

Pugs and kisses,

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