Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Shout out to my Thursday Pals

I'm truly fortunate to have so many wonderful friends to quilt with. I have been getting together with my Thursday night friends for at least six years and they have been sorely under-represented in my blog. They are a little bit camera-shy, but here are a few pictures from last week. They are a talented bunch!
Here is my friend Nancy. She is making a diaper bag.

By the end of the night she had decided to mix up her pink
fabrics and add the frogs. It's going to be very cute.
Here is my friend Beth

She is working on this adorable dog wall hanging.
Here is my friend Judi. She got a new sewing machine for the holidays!
Now she really likes to sew.

This is Judi's quilt with lovely fall colors. Just needs to be trimmed and bound.
Judi will be ready for next Fall ahead of schedule!
My clever friend Karen was making curtains out of a tablecloth.

Here is my friend Ginny layering her lovely baby quilt. She needed to finish it this weekend!
My friend Toni was making a set of cosmetic bags.
Here is my friend Pat. You've seen her many times before.

Pat made this quilt and the one above from the same bundle of fabrics.
Aren't they fun? She is giving the zig zag quilt to her adorable grandson Matthew.

Pat's Easter bunnies look like solid milk chocolate to me!
I leave you all with a case of serious fish quilt envy. This is Nancy's quilt for her adorable grandson Ethan.
He must have at least two dozen quilts by now. I like Nancy's quilt much better than the one
that I am making for Anna. Bummer. At least Anna doesn't read my blog, so she'll never know.
Have a good night.

Pugs and kisses,

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