Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Joannie!

Happy Birthday to my good friend Joannie! My friend Joannie is a good sport, generous to a fault, and always up for an adventure. My pugs adore her because she brings lots of dog treats and gives good belly rubs.

Joannie and I met about six years ago at Curves (a womens' gym). Since then, we've taken aerobics together, tried a sock knitting class, as well as attending personal training gym. I've attempted walking in the mornings with Joannie, but she is much faster than I am. Joannie has earned my undying devotion for helping me dispose of a dead squirrel.

About two winters ago, Joannie asked me to help her learn to quilt.

Have I created a monster or what? After a quick Yellow Brick Road, Joannie's love of quilting took off like a rocket ship. Since then, Joannie has made dozens of quilts, hundreds of place mats and is turning into a mad machine quilter. She is much more adventuresome than I am and is afraid of no pattern. She made me a double wedding ring quilt when I got married last year and has done lots of other curved piecing as well. She graces the pages of my blog quite often.
Always willing to try something new! At our Machine Embroidery weekend.
Always ready to come over and play with me in The Studio!
Always willing to go on a road trip!
Or a quilt lecture
Or another road trip! And Joannie loves to drive!

Not afraid to do silly things for my blog or model for my Etsy Shop.

Have a great birthday Joannie! I am eating a Cadbury Egg in your honor!

Pugs and kisses,

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  1. Happy birthday Joannie. Sorry I'm going to miss your birthday celebration.