Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Presidents' Day!

Presidents' Day (the celebration of President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln's birthdays mushed together--it used to be two separate holidays), is a special day for me. It is the day that my husband Mike and I had our first date six years ago. We had lunch at an Indian restaurant and talked for two hours. We met through an online dating service and had been emailing and talking on the phone for about a month before we finally met in person. I liked Mike right away.

A few days later Mike called me after our date. He said, "I have something to tell you. I liked you a lot, but I didn't like the restaurant you picked." Nonplussed, I replied, "That's OK, you can pick the next restaurant we go to." And the rest, shall we say, is history.

So every year, even though we like the restaurant less and less (we have found lots of better Indian food in other places), we have lunch there once a year on Presidents' Day. Three years ago, Mike proposed to me at the site of our first kiss--their parking lot.

Like I said, the food leaves a lot to be desired, but we're quite fond of our little tradition. Happy Anniversary Darling!

Our annual anniversary lunch!

Sue and Joannie came over for Presidents' Day evening. Sue was putting the binding on this cute little Princess quilt that she is making for her granddaughter.
Putting in the final stitches.

The finished quilt!
Joannie took a sewing class today and came home with a new toy!
This is a Passport sewing machine by Pfaff. It weighs only 12 pounds. Joan says it sews like a dream! It is so quiet, I wasn't even sure that Joannie was sewing. She is making miniature nine patches from her scrap fabric.

I was busy cutting black and white fabric for an upcoming strip swap.
I did some Stash Enhancement this weekend.
Hope you had a great weekend (it was a 3-day weekend for most of us in the United States)!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Hi! Happy late President's Day to you. I am just commenting. LOL Would you please let me know if I am a no reply blogger on here? Thanks! Trying to get it worked out.

  2. I spent hours recently cutting everything under a fat 1/4 into strips and squares, not for a swap but to get ready for a quilt making session. I have pieced 4 tops ready to layer,baste and quilt to donate. It was a necessary action as my stash was taking over the cottage. Your Pugs are so cute, until yesterday I had never seen black ones in the flesh, they are so cute with their little snuffly faces and the curly tails, oooh.