Monday, February 3, 2014

Ring A Ding Ding!

I have returned from my Cape Cod Quilting sojourn. The photo below represents 2.5 days of work...
I made four sets of "A" rings for my Double Wedding Ring quilt. Yes, they are lovely, but time consuming. I also did a little bit of applique on my Edyta Sitar quilt, shown below.
For those of you waiting to hear, I am disappointed to report that I did not win any of the Right, Left, Center games. Pat won the black and white fabrics; Cordula won the Kaffe Fassett fabrics and Kim G. won the batiks.
Winning smiles from Kim G. and Cordula
I was able to drown some of my sorrows with a little ice cream. Several yards of new Kaffe Fassett fabrics took care of the rest...
Sue and I enjoying  our sundaes. What's underneath my hot fudge?
Forbidden Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream! Yummy!
Unbelievably, it required this much luggage to work on
my two small projects pictured at the top of the blog.
In contrast to my tiny projects, Kim P. completed the top of her Orca Bay, one of her Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts that she has been working on for a while. It was one of Kim's 2013 quilting resolutions to finish this. The quilt is amazing. Almost all of the blocks are string pieced (i.e., made up of little tiny pieces). This is no longer a free pattern on the Quiltville website, however it is available in one of Bonnie's books.

Kim P, at right, is the talented quilter who made this quilt top.
Here are the "bag ladies" from the Cape Cod weekend.
From left to right: Joan S., Sally, and Pat model their finished creations.
Joan's bag is the Chubby Charmer. Sally and Pat both made the Travel Duffel bag from Studio Cherie. Unbelievably, all of these gorgeous bags will be gifts. Sally's bag is for her daughter-in-law; Pat's bag is for her sister; and Joan is still trying to decide who will get hers--although Jean volunteered several times to take it off her hands...

Marion was also part of the Bag Lady Brigade. She made
this cute little zipper pouch by Atkinson Designs.
Marion says, "Stay tuned, lots more Cape Cod photos to come!"
Come back tomorrow for more Girls of the Cape!

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  1. Nice to see the lovely smiling faces. Say "Hi" to Sue and Pat for me.

  2. I can't wait to see your work progress on the Double Wedding rings. I have never done one, but may have to after seeing those beautiful bright colors! Thanks for sharing.

  3. the arcs for your double wedding ring quilt are beautiful!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time and sorry you didn't win at the game. Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday