Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Birthday Quilts Show and Tell

My Brown Bagger Quilting Group has been together for over 20 years. When someone in the group has a significant birthday (and admits it), we get together and make a birthday quilt in secret. It is then presented with much pomp and circumstance.

At my Birthday Weekend, I asked the girls to bring in some of the birthday quilts that they've received over the years.

I was unexpectedly touched when my dear friend Linda showed up, bringing the 30th birthday quilt that I had made her a long time ago. Linda is not a quilter, but she came on Friday afternoon for a couple of hours to hang out with us for my birthday. Although she is a talented knitter, she brought her laptop computer instead.
On the quilt, I'm in the photo with Linda on the center bottom. We are in full ski gear! I'm the one on the left in the quilt, but on the right in the real photo.
I've known Linda forever. She is a gold-standard friend. You can read more about her here.

Marion brought in a quilt that we made for her 30th* birthday. This pattern is called Sand Castles.
Marion looks smashing in her purple sweater and zebra scarf from Dress Like Nancy Day. She is also wearing three bracelets!

Click here for a close-up. It is made of Oriental fabrics.
Kim P. brought in her first 30th birthday* quilt. This is one of the first birthday quilts our group ever made. It is a fun pattern called Bug Jars. We made it out of novelty prints. I made the Mickey Mouse jar in the second row. I remember that fabric well. I bought it on a trip to Nova Scotia a really long time ago.
Make sure you click on this one so you can see all of the cute fabrics!
Kim also brought in her second 30th birthday* quilt. This is one of her sister Karen's original patterns. It is called Star Passion. You can buy the pattern here.
This quilt is made of Kaffe Fassett fabrics, a group favorite.
Nancy D. brought in her 30th birthday* quilt. You should recognize this pattern. It is a Bow Tie quilt.
This striking quilt is made of batiks. I love the acid trip border!
You just saw this quilt a few weeks ago. This is Pat's 30th birthday* quilt. She was so excited to get it. You can read more about it here.

At my birthday party, I gave her a matching Chubby Charmer tote bag that I had made. Pat is our resident Bag Queen. She makes the most beautiful bags and gives all of them away. She didn't have a bag of her own. It was intimidating to make a bag for the Bag Queen, but I did it anyway. She loved it.
Pat is all smiles with her new gift.
I hope that you enjoyed our Birthday Quilt Show and Tell.

Have a great day!

Pugs and kisses,

*OK, so maybe some of the quilters didn't turn 30 just yesterday. Would you want me to publish your age for all to see?


  1. What a fun group and a great tradition! I love that you're all the same age, too :-).

  2. What a fun group of ladies!

  3. What a great group of friends and quilts. And memories shared.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  4. I love it that we are all 30 over and over!