Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Job That Ate My Brain

Sorry to have been absent from blogging for the past two weeks, but the real world was calling. For the past several months I have been leading a project at work that required enough planning for the next Normandy Invasion. We are developing a personalized micro site for one of our clients. The last two weeks have been spent testing it. I have spent entire days on the telephone going to virtual meetings. And I haven't eaten in a week. At first I thought I had food poisoning, then I thought it was a stomach bug. Yesterday the light bulb went off and I realized it was stress.

In short, I have been feeling a lot like this!
Last night at 5:15 pm, after another day of meetings and subsisting on ginger ale, bread and crackers, I approved the micro site, which will launch on Tuesday.


I immediately felt better. Mike and I went out to dinner. I was able to eat, although I was careful. I went to bed with a full and happy tummy!

Today, Mike and I are getting our taxes done, then Joannie, Marion and I are heading to the Quinobequin Quilt show.

So I hope that you haven't forgotten me. I still have some more birthday weekend photos to share if you're interested.

Pugs and kisses,

P.S. The photo above is upside-down LarryPug, who is lying on top of Elvis. The paw growing out of Larry's head belongs to Romeo. All of them are on my lap.


  1. I used to work in an industry like that. The Bataan death march for weeks up to implementation and then I would find the flaws in testing and it would all start over. You didn't eat, I would find myself eating cookies, chips, popcorn while on all night phone calls. Love the photo of LarryPug.

  2. Sounds like my job! Glad to see you back here and especially glad the stress is over!! Love the photo, haha :-).

  3. It's like finishing a term paper! You suddenly feel free! It's a great feeling.
    Glad you survived and are back to blogging! I eat when stressed, which just makes it worse. Stressed and fat. Sew something to recover. LeeAnna Paylor

  4. Great photo! Dogs always know when something is up and want to be on you or next to you. I've tripped over my former pug plenty of times when I was feeling down and out. Had to laugh out loud at your title for this blog. Good one!! Glad to have you back in blog world.