Thursday, March 13, 2014

Heaven is made of Chocolate!

Last Saturday, Joannie, Marion, and Sue took me out for a pre-birthday celebration at the Cafe Fleuri's Chocolate Bar. This is an all-chocolate buffet at the Langham Hotel in Boston. A gastronomic pleasure for a die-hard chocoholic, we had last eaten there two years ago for Marion's 75th birthday, and ten years prior when I turned 40. You have to pace yourself.

My special birthday plate (just a warm-up)
The Chocolate Bar is a veritable feast for the eyes as well as your stomach. Full warning that the following photos may cause you to go into diabetic shock or race to the nearest candy machine.

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! It was everywhere you could see, in every shape and form!

Chocolate truffles on a stick. The most sinful thing I have ever eaten.
Pastry swan swimming in a sea of chocolate!
Chocolate-dipped cannoli! Yum!

Sue checked out the chocolate fountain!
My plate: made to order chocolate crepe filled with dark chocolate and berries; chocolate bread pudding with whipped cream, chocolate truffle on a stick and a chocolate dipped strawberry!

From left to right: Sue, me, Marion and Joannie.
We also went to two fabric stores on the way home... Thanks Girls for a perfect day!

Hope you are eating chocolate wherever you are!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Oh. Em. Gee. I'm drooling!! What a fun treat. Calories don't count on your birthday, either :-). Happy Burthday!!!

  2. Oh that looks wonderful. And I would have a terrible chocolate hangover the next day but oh so worth it!