Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Big 5-0!

Ingredients for a successful birthday party:
  1. Start with three days of non-stop quilting
  2. Add in a visit to the quilt store
  3. Saturday lunch at the Chinese restaurant
Don't forget:

Solid chocolate...YUM!
This is the chocolate flourless cake from Whole Foods. Pure fudge shaped like a cake.


Pink and black zebra, my personal favorite!

A special pug balloon brought to me by my friend Kate!

Thanks to Kim P., my birthday outfit was now complete!
and of course... GAL PALS!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday was Dress Like Nancy Day! Everyone had fun! Check out all the pink and the animal prints. I coveted Karen's pink fur hat (on far right), but Cordula stole the show (and won first prize) decked out completely in zebra and finishing her outfit with a pink and black zebra print cowboy hat and leopard print Ugg boots!
The Gal Pals should wear pink more often! From left to right: Terri, Jo Anne E., Kim P., Joannie and Pat.

A special thank you to: Joannie, Marion, Sue, Pat, Linda, Kim P., Karen, Joan S., Jo Anne E., Joanne S., Nancy D., Kim G., Cordula, Debbie, Lexine, Terri and Kate for an AMAZING, FABULOUS, SUPER-FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY QUILTING WEEKEND! And to my darling husband Mike, who performed a special guitar concert and spent Saturday evening with us (and also took me for a delicious Sunday breakfast at my favorite restaurant, the IHOP).

Stay tuned for a few more fabulous, fun-filled weekend details!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Dress like Nancy day! That's hilarious! I could easily find several outfits of pink and black but not the animal prints. Fun day for you!! Enjoy your fifties. Love the pug balloon. The poodle sends his regards.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  2. Happy Birthday! It appears that it was sew wonderful! I would struggle to find pink or animal print.

  3. Oh how FUN!!! I love zebra and pink also... but I can't get my mind off that cake!! I need to see if my Whole Foods has anything like that. I hope you had an AMAZING birthday! Looks like a great party and a lot of love and special attention --- can't think of anything better! :-)