Tuesday, March 4, 2014

With the Heart of an Elephant

Only a clever hunter can take down the mighty elephant. Our LarryPug is that hunter. My older pugs, Romeo and Elvis, just like to hold their stuffed animals and lick them to death. LarryPug prefers a more direct approach. He tears them apart. Fortunately, we have a ten year supply of stuffed animals to entertain him with and it usually takes him awhile to destroy one.

I found this on the couch the other day. What is this benign looking object? Why it's the heart of an elephant.
Am I happy that LarryPug didn't swallow the squeaker? You bet I am!
LarryPug gives Booda the elephant a final desultory sniff.

Yes, Booda is definitely dead.
The proud hunter and his prey. Keeping us elephant-free since 2012.

Alas, poor Booda, he'll squeak no more! Hope your neighborhood is elephant-free!

Pugs and kisses,

P.S. All crime scene photos are re-enactments, although Booda the Stuffie is most definitely dead.


  1. Hahaha! I used to give my dog beanie babies, he would chew off the nose within minutes then pull out the stuffing. I have a bag full of nose-less little animals that have the nose hole stitched closed. When Rachel was little, they scared her so I had to keep them out of her sight. She thought it was too sad to have a bear without a nose :-).

    RIP, little elephant! Lol

  2. Lol. I had to laugh when you said the older pugs just lick their's to death. Our pug had a stuffed crab that she licked and licked. It must be a pug thing.

  3. The proud Pug! Seems pug owners usually have more than one!

  4. Our pug Ozzie loves his weasels. The elephant hunt made me laugh.

  5. Larry is definitely the Alpha Male. He is protecting his home and family.

  6. The more that I see of your dogs the more I feel that Ben needs a companion, I just have to make sure that his BFF is happy about it.

  7. keeping elephant free... hilarious. Around here, Cole has taken down the Christmas fox. First we noticed the squeakers gone but found them under the coffee table. Then the two front feet disappeared. The other day, dh asked, didn't this fox have a tail? LeeAnna Paylor