Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Online Fabric Shopping Fun

Hello Blogging Friends!

There is too much snow for me to make the effort to go to the quilt stores lately, but there is always online shopping. At our January Brown Baggers meeting I asked the girls for some of their favorite online fabric stores. We all agree that you should "shop local" first because we don't want any of more our favorite quilt stores to go out of business, but since the weather has been frightful, it's been easier to shop on my computer (although the weather impacts the mail delivery as well).

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I've purchased fabric from almost all of the places I'm going to list for you here. Please note that I am not compensated in any way for my recommendations, I just like to buy fabric!

I love:
The girls also recommended a few I haven't tried yet, or haven't shopped at in a long time. Here are some of their favorites.
I will give another ringing, yet unpaid, endorsement to my friends Kate and Karen. They don't sell fabric online, but check out their wonderful websites for original quilt patterns and quilt weekends (in the Berkshire, MA area) at QuiltLily Designs, Kate Mitchell Quilts and Berkshire Quilts. If you visit Kate or Karen, please tell them that their friend Nancy from PugMom Quilts sent you!

Any fabric websites that you love? I want to hear about them. And for my non-quilting family and friends, if you've made it through this list, remember, my birthday is next month and these are great places to get a gift certificate! I never say "no" to fabric!

Happy shopping!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. I totally agree with you about Connecting Threads! I just got a box of fabrics and thread from them today. I have another recommendation for you They do not stock the latest and greatest fabrics, but the have great prices on solids and backings.

  2. Oh do I know online fabric stores! I like Fabric Shack (, , and if you are looking for Batiks, my favorites are Batiks Plus, and Fabric Fanatics. Oh and if I splurge I have been known to purchase fabric overseas for Shot cotton from Oakshott.

  3. Great list Nancy and a month early happy birthday to you! Two of my friends own an internet fabric store and, friendships aside, it is one of my faves to order the latest modern fabric collections from - Gotham Quilts - and The City Quilter is online too though I haven't ordered fabric online from them myself, never had the need with working there!!! - Chris :D

  4. Thanks for the great list. I see some of my favorites on there and will add the others to my list.

  5. This list is a blessing and a curse! :-D

    Thank you! I'll bookmark it.

  6. Kiwi Fabrics on Etsy is a new one I found.

  7. Will have to bookmark this post--that's two of yours now, this one is MUCH more dangerous than the zipper tab post I've already bookmarked...but I thank you? I think? FQS and Hawthorne T. I love, love love. Just recently bought wool/poly batting from No fabric. Yet.