Saturday, February 7, 2015

What's Your TNT? Cape Cod, Part 3

A lot of the sewing blogs I read commonly refer to their TNT pattern. No, it's not sewing with dynamite, TNT stands for Tried 'n True.

What's your TNT quilting pattern? The one you go to when you need to make a quilt quickly? I am very fond of Yellow Brick Road (YBR). During my Cape Cod weekend, that's all I worked on. I started a top for my sister-in-law Diane on Thursday afternoon at 4pm, and completed it by Friday night. It is a generous size lap quilt, measuring 64x74. Perhaps I am a slow sewer, no more!

I can now say that I've worked in a series. This is the third New York themed quilt that I've made. I can't believe that I made the other two quilts almost three years ago. Good thing I can look back at them in my blog to find them!

I also worked on a blue and purple YBR out of batik that will be the back of my blue and purple scrap wave. It will actually be a reversible quilt. Scrap wave is becoming a TNT for me too. I love to just sit and sew strips together. I find it therapeutic.

Kim G. turned out a mini YBR while I took a nap on Saturday!
You can never go wrong with batik.
Cordula made two quilt tops using the same block, but in different settings. I am intrigued by these quilts and the variety of settings that are possible. The block and different settings are from the book, Triangle Tricks: One Easy Unit, Dozens of Gorgeous Quilts by Sally Schneider. This is an older quilt book, but it is still available. I just ordered a copy on Amazon.
Cordula is giving this one with the blue batik border to her nephew.
Not sure who is getting the one with pink batik border, but it would look nice in my house...hint, hint!
Sorry for the blurry photo.
Here are the two quilt tops side by side.
This is the individual block in the quilt. I think it is called a shaded 4-patch.
Kim G. finished this gorgeous quilt top. This pattern is called Sparkling Gemstones and it is from the book Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam & Nicky Lintott. I think that Kim has actually made every pattern in this book. It is more than a TNT pattern, it is her TNT book!
I think that Kim has made this pattern at least three times.
We even did it as Brown Bagger Birthday Blocks one year.
Here fishy, fishy!
I am coveting Kim's carp fabric border. Our hotel has carp swimming in their fountain. I should have taken a photo to go with her quilt!

Joannie was also making a Sparkling Gemstones quilt in mauve and grey as a gift for her sister. I am always fascinated by how different a quilt can look just by changing the colors.
Quilt layout in progress. This one is going to be big!
Joannie managed to get about nine rows sewn together before we left on Sunday afternoon.
Here are some other Brown Bagger TNT patterns.

This is Jo Ann E. with one of her favorite patterns, Lucky Stars by Atkinson Designs. Jo Ann makes this quilt often. I need to make one. I really like this design.
Will you be my Lucky Star? Does this quilt make you think of Madonna?
Sue loves this pattern below, which she thinks is called Figgy Pudding. Sadly, Sue has lost her pattern. If you recognize this pattern, can you send me an email? I'd love to replace it for her. I've done a google search but haven't found anything similar. I believe it is based on five inch squares.
Figgy Pudding in bright Kaffe Fassett colors!
What's your TNT quilt pattern? Please share in the blog comments.

Enjoying my Cape Cod weekend blog report? Did you miss Part 1 or Part 2? I'm actually hosting two give-aways this week. They are open through February 14th. The first give-away is on my Grow Your Blog Post. The give-away for Karen's patterns can be found in Part 2 of my Cape Cod Weekend blog.

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  1. I have never made a quilt more than once. I am a slooooow quilter.

  2. I have made 2 Sparking Gemstones quilts. Konda from Moose on the Porch Quilts had a free pattern called Charming Baby Stars that I have made many times for baby quilts. Stars are my favorite quilting designs, so I continually seem drawn to patterns with stars.

  3. What a productive weekend!!! Thanks for sharing everyone's progress. A weekend sewing on Cape COd....sound wonderful!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous projects! Don't have a Go to pattern, but a quick stand by is simple square blocks in a rainbow pattern of some sort. I hope you find the pattern for Sue!

  5. Hmmm no go to... I love to piece though. I love to make drunkard's paths, and log cabins. The log cabin block is so versatile. I also like the looks of the atkinson pattern there... maybe one day when there's time!!! LEeAnna

  6. Aaaaahhhhh! I just realized I don't have a "go-to" quilt pattern. At first, I was a bit panicked thinking, "Oh, no - should I have a go-to pattern?" LOL. But then I read the comments and found out I'm not alone! I really like your go-to choices, so think I might start looking for one myself!

  7. I have two TNT patterns -- one I wrote almost 20 years ago which is called Mississippi Mud and Marti Michell's Tessellated Windmill!

  8. I used to make a lot of Trip around the World quilts but haven't in quite a few years. I just made a quilt with 60-degree triangles--Gently Down the Stream, by Christina Cameli. It was in Quilter's Newsletter Fat Quarter Quilts from Fall 2014. It was so much fun, it could very well become my go-to in the future. There are lots of variations that could be done with it.

  9. Fun post! Thanks for sharing.
    I too love the Yellow Brick Road pattern by Terry Atkinson (although I have only made it once!).
    Another pattern I enjoyed doing (and would do again, time permitting) is the Charm Squares Baby Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman. Free pattern here:
    PS I am intrigued by the Figgy Pudding pattern that Sue was working on at the retreat. If you do find more info on it, would you let us know? Thanks!

  10. Hello again, about Sue's elusive pattern ... could it be based on Take 5 by The Teacher's Pet?