Monday, March 9, 2015

Bag Making in Boston

I took Friday off and I finished two quilts! You will see them soon. About half way through the day, Joannie found out that I was home and joined me in The Studio for a little sewing. She finished making a knitting bag that will be a gift for a friend. She machine embroidered the white pocket panels with knitting designs. She even added more pockets inside.
The pattern is A Novel Approach Tote Pattern by Poorhouse Quilt Designs.

Here's a photo of the fabric she used. Aren't the knitting sheep cute?
Joannie has made this bag before for some of her golfing friends (of course, with golf fabric). I'm pretty sure I've shown the bags in my blog, but I can't find the post. Note to Self: add search feature to blog...

Not to be outdone, Pat was busy making MORE Sew Together Bags and sending me pictures from her iPhone. Seems like daughter Alison tried to sneak off with the first one.

Here is Pat's second bag.
Another pretty one done in Kaffe Fassett fabric.
Here is Pat's third bag.
Pretty in a pastel paisley print.
Daughter Alison will get her own Sew Together bag and so will daughter AnnMarie. But what about oldest daughter Jackie? Or granddaughter Jill? Pat, you better keep sewing!

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  1. such a bevy of bags! The sheep fabric is adorable. I have it in yellow and just can't cut into it. The other little bags are sooooo cute. Are they the ones with dividers? I likeee.
    Sounds like a productive day away from work. LeeAnna

  2. What a cute bag especially with the knitting sheep. ROFL about the sew together bags. Can't wait to see what you have finished up.

  3. I'm coveting that knitting sheep fabric! :)

    You work so quickly! Well done.

  4. Okay where did that fabric of knitting sheep come from?!! Just this past week I have been thinking I need to make a small knitting bag as the plastic baggie (pretty bad I know) is just not cutting it... That fabric would be perfect! I really like the Sew Together bag..I think that I may actually have caught up with the bags I want to make list! So I need another project, right? Will investigate the pattern for this...