Thursday, April 23, 2015

Yellow Brick Road Rides Again!

Yes, I freely admit that the Yellow Brick Road (YBR) quilt pattern from Terri Atkinson at Atkinson Designs is one of my all time favorite quilt patterns. I make it all the time. It is quick and easy and it is a great pattern if you want to mix up a lot of prints and colors. We frequently joke that it's not an official quilt weekend unless someone is making a YBR.

Here are three new YBR quilts to show you. Can you tell that these are all the same pattern? Don't they look different depending on the color choice?

Terri made this YBR in soft Spring colored flannels at our  Cape Cod quilt retreat last week.
Marion made her YBR in plaid flannels at our QuiltPort USA retreat last week.
This is Sue's first YBR! Congratulations Sue!
It is made of holiday print fat quarters that she bought from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.
You know that I have one in progress of course! Mine is made out of blue and purple batiks. I have all the individual rows assembled and ready to put together. It is going to be the back of my Blue and Purple Scrap Wave which you can see partially assembled here. I'm hoping that the quilt can be reversible.

Have you ever made a Yellow Brick Road quilt?

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  1. I did something similar called take 5. Colors really do make a difference in patterns.

  2. I love the Yellow Brick Road pattern and have made quite a few. I took a class once where the gal gave us the math directions on how to use a panel and surround it with YBR blocks. I'll share if you want. Email me.

  3. I did but it never got finished. LeeAnna

  4. Mine is sitting languishing in the sewing room.

  5. We love this quilt pattern over in Israel too. Several of us have made it many times in all colors. It always turns out well.