Friday, June 19, 2015

Gadget Grab 'n' Go Bag

Back in February I took a class and made the Sew Together Bag. You can read my pattern review here. Rochelle from eSheep Designs saw my blog post and asked if I would try her pattern called the Gadget Grab 'n' Go, which is similar. I don't think either of us expected that it would take me almost four months to get to it. (Sorry Rochelle). Although at the time, I didn't plan to have gallbladder surgery, either...
Here's my completed bag. Isn't it pretty?
Here's my disclaimer: Rochelle at eSheep Designs gave me this pattern for free in exchange for my honest pattern review.

Overall, I really liked this pattern. The pattern has 37 pages with lots and lots of photos. I thought the diagonal zipper placement was very cool. Inside the bag are two small zippered pockets. Rochelle also gives you instructions at the end of the pattern if you want to change the size of the bag or add additional pockets, which makes it very easy to customize.

Here's an inside view of my bag.
It took me seven hours to make the bag from start to finish. This included reading the pattern and cutting out the pattern pieces. I am a slow sewer and I wanted to make sure I was doing everything correctly. I'm sure that the next time I make it, it won't take me this long.

The inside zippers have zipper tabs which are sheer genius when installing multiple pockets. I use zipper tabs all the time when I make zippered pouches and I was pleased as punch that they were a part of this pattern. It made installing the pockets a breeze. Another idea I really liked was her recommendation to use a separating zipper for the outside. Taking the zipper apart made installation super easy. Her creation of the inside pockets is marvelous. I've never made them this way. (You will need to buy her pattern to find out how.)

The bag pattern references three fabrics: an exterior fabric (On my bag it is the dark mottled blue), a lining fabric (medium blue) and an accent fabric (blue multi print). This pattern requires very little fabric, but one of my few critiques is that I would have liked a fabric guide (i.e., cut 2 side panels and your back panel from your exterior fabric, etc.).

I cut my binding wider than the pattern specified at 2.5" instead of 2", which is a personal preference and my binding went on like a dream. I used a size 100 needle and a slightly larger stitch (almost a 3 on my Bernina) for all of the bag making process. When the going got tough (i.e., lots of layers), I moved the take-up wheel by hand, slowly, and I never had a problem at all with the assembly. Once I had the inner section of the bag put together, I couldn't wait to finish this little beauty!

This is NOT a pattern for a beginning sewer. You should have made a couple of basic zipper pouches or at least have a basic familiarity with installing a zipper before you start this project.

If you want to make a multi-pocket zipper bag, I'd definitely recommend this pattern. Here's a link to eSheep Designs' the Gadget Grab 'n' Go Bag. It's only $7.95 on Craftsy. I don't get anything if you buy it, but please tell Rochelle that you read my pattern review!
Here is my Gadget Grab 'n' Go Bag shown in front of my Sew Together Bag so you can see the size difference.
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P.S., Dear Linda B., if you're reading this, this bag's for you!


  1. What a cute bag. I like the colors you chose to use, too. Grandgirls would love a bag like this.

  2. Cute bag. Looks very handy. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone and good luck on the giveaway.

  3. Thanks for the carefully considered review, Nancy. I am glad you got around to doing it, just because it means you overcame your health issues! I will likely implement your suggestion to add a "fabric planning" page to the pattern in a future update.

  4. Cute bag. I still want to make a sew together bag. I think I will make some for Christmas. Lots of preteen grand daughters in the making right now

  5. Lovely bag! Which one do you think is more useful?

  6. This new one looks a bit bigger and easier to grab the zipper as a handle. It looks fabulous Nancy! Maybe I will have to suggest this one to my sewing club members, because I pretty much scared them away from the other bag.

  7. Your bags are so beautiful. I must try this pattern too. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Nice bag! Love your colour choices. This is a good review, and the inside pockets construction has me intrigued...

  9. Both those bags are nice. Do you have a preference for which bag you like to use more?

  10. Beautiful bag and love your fabric combo!