Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Little Retail Therapy

While I was visiting my brother and his family in CA, I had the chance to go to a quilt shop. I picked Prairie Queens Quilt Shop because I had never visited it before and my quilting app said the store had over 7,000 bolts of fabric.
The store was very nice, the staff ladies were friendly and they had lots of beautiful samples. A sign outside said you couldn't take photos without permission, so I didn't bother. Fabric prices were more expensive than my local quilt shops and the sales tax in CA is super high, so I tried not to buy too much, but I did my small part to support the local CA quilting economy...

Want a closer look at my pretties?
All batik, mostly purples but one rainbow colored print snuck in. The fabric in the center graduates from blue to purple.
My attempt at an artsy shot starring LarryPug
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  1. Hey. you were in CA! Up San Jose I see. Those are really neat batiks. Every quilter needs a bit of fabric therapy once in a while. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone. Hope to see you there again with what you make from those batiks.

  2. The ombré fabric is gorgeous! I'm surprised you got to even one shop with your county song weekend. But it looks like you picked a good one ;)

  3. gorgeous fabrics, and the shot of Larry

  4. Purple and batik? I can hardly believe it :-).

  5. Aww, just love LarryPug's expression!! Love that ombre one too.

  6. I helped the local economies greatly while I was on vacation.