Friday, July 17, 2015

My Life is a Country Music Song

This is my life since last Friday:
My Momma fell in the parking lot of the Indian restaurant...
My dog is sick...
My car has died...
(Insert twangy guitar chord here. ) Is it a hit? Should we sign Kenny Chesney?

Let's just start by saying it's been a very expensive week....

Last Thursday night, Mike and I jetted off to San Jose, California to attend my nephew Ben's Bar Mitzvah. We arrived without incident. On Friday morning, Mike and I went to the Computer History Museum for a few hours. The museum was marvelous. We went on a one-hour guided tour that discussed computers in popular movies that was great fun. We ran out of time to see everything and we would love to get a chance to go back.

I snapped a few quick photos. Recognize any of these golden oldies? Have one in your garage?
Apple 2
Radio Shack TRS 80 (My Dad had one of these)
My Dad. Breakfast at the hotel was free. Dad ate one of everything.
We left the museum early to meet my parents and my Aunt Marcia and my Uncle Stanley for lunch. Aunt Marcia wanted to go to the Indian Restaurant that was right next door to our hotel. Mike and I arrived back at the hotel just in time to find my Mom lying on the ground and my Aunt Marcia (who is an MD) flagging down an ambulance. My Mom had tripped in the parking lot and ripped open her knee. It was a good thing that I have been watching the Crimson Tide on public television lately because her wound was nasty. My Aunt knew right away that my mother would need stitches.

Mike and I met my Mom at the emergency room. We spent 4.5 hours there. Luckily my Mom didn't break any bones but she did need 14 stitches! Mom, ever a trooper, made it to the Bar Mitzvah on Saturday. More on the family trip in another post...

Alas, poor Romeo has another ear infection. Romeo has ear infections pretty regularly. We can get his ear infections to clear up but they always come back within a few months. Most recently we tried putting Romeo on a limited ingredient diet, and while it seems to have helped, the ear infection has returned. On Tuesday evening, Romeo went to the specialty vet and saw Dr. Cohen who is a veterinary dermatologist (she is also very young and very pretty and she appears to be 12). She ran some tests. You could buy an Accuquilt cutter for what the tests cost. Not the Go Big!, but the next size down.
Here is Romeo on the way home from the vet. Always wear your seat belt!
In keeping with my week of extraordinary expenses, I had dropped my car, aka the Pugmobile, off on Tuesday afternoon for what I thought would be an oil change and new shocks. On Wednesday afternoon my mechanic called with a nasty surprise. He said the frame on my car had rusted out completely and it was unsafe to drive. My car is only 10 years old and has less than 100,000 miles on it. Naively, I had assumed I'd get at least another five years out of it.
RIP, Pugmobile...
Goodbye favorite Pug Mom window decal...
At least I still have my Man! I think I would rather have no luck than bad luck.

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Pugs and kisses,


  1. Poor Romeo. Poor Mom. Poor car. Poor you! I hope the end of July is much better

  2. Sorry to hear about all the bad luck! When it rains, it pours. Hope Romeo feels better and you find a new awesome car.

  3. Oh Nancy, this does not sound good at all...hang in there. Get extra hugs from the pug boys and your hubby, as I know you will (and have been doing). I love how your sense of humour shines through despite all this bad luck. My brother has seatbelts for his fur kids too after one got cut when he flew into the back seat because of a near-accident. Your dad sounds just like my dad always was. :-) and :-( miss him.

  4. Yikes! I think we have all had weeks like that. Hang in there. It can only go up from here!!!

  5. Oh Geez!! What a week you've had! Here's hoping your Mom heals fast, Romeo kicks the ear infection ( I'll check with my husband and see what home remedy we used to kick our pug's nasty ear infection) and your find a new ride you love just as much as the pug mobile! Hugs!

  6. gosh, I would have expected the car to last another 100 thou. Should we be washing the salt off the undercarriage even in winter? Sheesh.

    1. oh and Cole had reccurant ear trouble til we found the culprit... chicken and turkey. The basis to his organinc limited ingredient food. Now if he gets even a sniff of any allergen his ear starts within an hour. grrrrr
      poor romeo, I've had allergy ear and it's awful.

  7. Wow that is a lot to handle. Glad your mechanic found the rust and the problem before you had a major accident instead. Hope your mamma is feeling better, my mom's bulldogs used to get ear infections all the time.