Sunday, April 17, 2016

As Seen at the Worcester Sewing Expo: QuiltCon Special Exhibit

As the grand finale of Joannie's 2016 birthday road trip, we visited the Worcester Sewing Expo. Marion, Sue, and I have been to the Expo before, but it was Joannie's first visit. Sadly, the Expo conflicted with the Machine Quilting Expo in Manchester, NH and since neither event was open on Sunday, we could only pick one. It was Joannie's birthday, hence it was Joannie's choice.

We hit the show late in the afternoon and just saw the exhibits and shopped at the vendor mall. The vendor mall was a lot smaller this year. We did not take any classes or attend any of the demonstrations. I have enjoyed their fashion show in the past. This year, though, the Expo had the best quilt exhibits I've ever seen, so I took A LOT of photos.

The first exhibit I saw was a special exhibit from QuiltCon West which was held in Pasadena, CA earlier this year. QuiltCon is a quilt show devoted to modern quilting. It is on my bucket list to make it there one day.... perhaps another road trip?

Seeing the show late in the day was great. There weren't a lot of other people still there (most were in the vendor mall), so I could take photos freely and stand in front of the quilts as long as I wanted. While I do take photos of every quilt label to keep track of the quilt artist, I don't usually post them. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in reading/seeing. I don't think I took photos of every quilt in this exhibit, but I did take a lot. Enjoy!
Fossil by Nancy Purvis
A close-up of the quilting.
Under the Radar by Corinne Sovey
Horseshoes & Hand Grenades by Rebecca Burnett
Collection by Carolyn Friedlander
Release the Geese II by Sarah Bond
A close-up.
Zag by Kari Anderson
Flounce by Melanie Tuazon
Twisted Sisters Quilt by Stephanie Ruyle and many others. Quilting by Wending Bermingham and Christine Perrigo
Pine Burr Quilt by Tara Faughnan.
This quilt was one of my favorites. The photo isn't doing it justice. It reminded me of a Navajo rug and the colors were brilliant. Plus the points were dimensional and begging to be petted. See the close-up below.
A close-up. This is all dimensional, kind of like prairie points and I really just wanted to run my hands all over it. But that's NOT allowed at a quilt show!
Embers by Stephanie Ruyle
Jungle Abstractions: The Lion by Violet Craft
Bias 4 by Alissa Carlson
Tessellation 4 by Nydia Kehnle, quilted by Gina Pina
Did you pick a favorite? Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Wow, what unusual quilts. quite interesting.

  2. Gorgeous quilts. I think pine burr is my favorite, looks like so much fun.

  3. Susie's favorite is Bias 4 My favorite was Horseshoes and Handgrenades.

  4. Also as someone who owns all of their albums (or did) and saw them in concert with Iron Maiden, I'm not sure what the Twisted Sister quilt has to do with the band.

    1. The Twisted Sisters quilt is named for the board game (Twister), not the band.