Monday, April 18, 2016

More Exhibits from the Worcester Sewing & Quilt Expo

Hello Dear Blog Readers,

Here are some more photos from Joannie's birthday road trip to the Worcester Sewing & Quilt Expo. Part 1 of the exhibits can be read here.

This post includes photos from Dare to Dance and Fall Leaves.

I only took two photos from the Dare to Dance exhibit because I was getting tired. The exhibit was beautiful and it was put together by Mary Kerr who published the quilts in her book, Dare to Dance: An Art Quilt Challenge.

Mr. Wiggles Does the Circle Dance by Sarah Ann Smith
Obviously my favorite quilt in the ENTIRE show!

Mr. Wiggles in all his glory.
Square Dance by Marge Hotz
Below are some photos from the Fall Leaves Quilt Challenge which was sponsored by Wisconsin Public Television and Nancy Zieman. Nancy is the TV host of Sewing with Nancy, that she co-produces on Wisconsin Public Television. She is also the owner of Nancy's Notions. I'm a fan and a shopper!

I took the photo below especially for my Mom who loves to paint and is particularly fond of street scenes in the rain. Perhaps this will inspire her next painting.
A Walk in the Park by Pennee Clanton.
A close-up
Sun-Kissed September by Nancy Zieman.
A close-up
Fall Transition by Terri Sankovitz
Harvesting Sunshine by Mary Alice Hart. The figure in this quilt is actually stepping out of the quilt!
A close-up
More to come! Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Wow gorgeous. No wonder Mr. Wiggles is your favorite.

  2. I love, love, love the Mr. Wiggles quilt. Thanks for sharing!