Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Berkshires: Jean and Cheryl, the Mother-Daughter Dream Team

Jean and Cheryl are Mother and Daughter and are original Brown Bagger quilt group members. In her heyday, Jean took many quilting classes and went on many quilt excursions. She was notorious for always buying two of everything--one for her and one for Cheryl. I think that between the two of them, they may almost have as much fabric as I do!

Both Jean and Cheryl are known for their meticulous work. They are famous in our quilt group for their pinning skills. And we should follow in their footsteps, because everything they make is perfect.

Jean diligently worked on her felted wool Easter bunnies. They are simply adorable. The bunnies are  so soft that you want to pet them! While Jean and Cheryl were out fabric shopping they even found some cute little Easter egg buttons to add to the bunny's basket.
Here is Jean showing off her lovely Easter bunnies.
Here are the bunnies at Jean's work table.
 Cheryl completed all of these wonderful batik blocks.
We used this pattern for our Birthday Block one year, but Cheryl made all of these batik beauties herself. I'm not sure if she is planning to add an outside border to her quilt.
While Cheryl (left, shown with her Mom Jean) successfully evaded my camera at the Berkshires, I have plenty of photos of her! This photo is from one of our Cape Cod weekends.
A few weeks after our Berkshires retreat, this adorable little guy came to live at Cheryl and Jean's house.
Meet Quinn! Isn't he cute? I think he will make another swell Brown Bagger Quilt Mascot! Romeo, Elvis, and LarryPug will be happy to share the lime light! Congratulations to Cheryl, Daniel, and Jean on their new family member!
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