Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Berkshires: Sally and Joan Make the Difficult Look Easy

Sally and Joan both espoused Joanne's philosophy of working on one project during our Berkshires retreat. The projects they were working on were intricate, time consuming, and amazing.

Sally worked on her Christmas Pickle quilt, which is paper-pieced. Here's a link to the pattern. She's been working on it for a while, but she finally got her entire top plus borders assembled during our retreat. It is quite beautiful. And when she finished the top, she gave her pattern book away because she said that she was never going to make this quilt again!
Here is Sally auditioning borders. She also made the cool batik shirt that she is wearing. Too bad I only have her back!
Here's a close-up. The quilt is batik in a variety of bright colors.
Joanne and Sally at dinner.
Joan was not able to join us until Friday. She was working on a Jen Kingwell quilt called The Circle Game. Each block is different. Some of them are paper pieced, some of them are hand pieced. Joan was working on her quilt border.
This quilt is amazing.
Here's a close-up. Joan used all different types of fabrics in this quilt, from contemporary prints to 1930s prints, and everything in between.
Joan also celebrated her birthday. She chose Kaffe Fasset fabrics and alternated his shot cotton stripes with his bold prints. She also made her blocks a little larger.
Cordula, Sally and Joan admire her birthday blocks.
Here's another shot of Joan's quilt.
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