Sunday, October 23, 2016

Another Quilt for Susan and Paul

There are a great number of quilts in residence at my house. I decided that some of the overage needed to be re-homed. Mike's sister and brother-in-law were an easy choice for me. They always appreciate everything that I make for them. I showed Susan some photos of adoptive quilts and here is the one that they chose.
My sister-in-law Susan (Mike's sister) and my brother-in-law Paul were thrilled with their new quilt. They plan to use it on their couch as a throw.

This quilt appeared in my blog in April 2015. I made it a million years ago. It was my first quilt made with batik fabrics. For years, it hung on a quilt rack in our hallway. I put it on top of our bed as a decorative throw for a few weeks, but with all that white fabric, I never really used it, I was afraid of getting it dirty.
Here is the quilt in its new home.
In the photo above, you can see Susan and Paul's bed quilt, which is also batik, peeking out from underneath at the upper left. I finished their bed quilt in 2015. You can also see it under 2015 Quilts.

When we went to temple with Susan and Paul for the Jewish High Holidays, we saw this beautiful stained glass quilt in the window of a local building. Their temple is located in Gloucester, MA.
It was really hard to get a good photo from the outside, so Mike went into the building and asked if we could come inside and take a picture. The woman working inside the building (I believe it was a health center) was very nice and the quilt was even more impressive with the sunlight light shining through.
Here is a view of the quilt from the inside. Isn't it stunning?
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  1. How nice that you found some to adopt your quilt. Wow the stained glass is gorgeous.