Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Pugtastic Tuesday: Meet the Pugmobile!

If you're a regular blog reader, you may have met the Pugmobile before...
The latest edition of the Pugmobile 3.0.
I bought the newest Pugmobile in the summer of 2015 quite unexpectedly. I had brought in the Pugmobile 2.0 (red Mazda Tribute 2005) for an oil change when my mechanic told me that my frame had rusted out and it was no longer safe to drive it anymore. My friend Carol owned a Honda CRV for many years, so it was the first model that I looked at, since the Tribute was no longer being made. Ten car dealerships later, I went back to Honda and purchased it. It's a great car. Lots of space for quilting supplies and pugs. In a perfect world, the Pugmobile would be painted hot pink with gold sparkles, but that color wasn't available, so I got navy blue. They had a red version, but it was more maroon than red.
Here are the Pug boys going for a ride (from left to right: LarryPug, Elvis and Caesar). I have a car cover on their seat and the pugs always wear seat belts. It is for their safety and ours. Imagine if you came to a sudden stop and your pug went through the windshield!
Here's a side view so you can see how it works. LarryPug is wearing his car harness (brown) and the seat belt goes through a large loop on the back of his harness. LarryPug is proud of his car harness because it is made by Martha Stewart (so he thinks he is quite special!).
The Pug Pack 2.0 (Elvis, LarryPug and Caesar) are great in the car. They dance eagerly when I put on their car harnesses. They are fairly cooperative when we buckle them up. They are quiet passengers and generally go right to sleep until we arrive at our destination. Romeo, our first pug, screeched either with anxiety or pleasure, almost the entire drive causing Mike a lot of angst.

Here are some of the fun decorations on the Pugmobile.
This magnet was a gift.
I bought this one at a dog store while Joannie and I were at an Embroidery weekend in Connecticut a few years ago.  It is definitely one of my favorites!
I bought this magnet in Provincetown a few years ago. I bought my friend Cindy the matching t-shirt.
I ordered this sticker on Etsy. I had one on the Pugmobile 2.0 also.
I don't remember where I got this magnet. I love that the black pug is wearing the crown. Not my Elvis, but looks a lot like him in his hey day.
You'll know you're behind my car when you see this license plate!
I don't have a pug hood ornament or pug car seat covers, but I'm thinking about them...
I think this would look swell on the hood of the Pugmobile!
There are lots of pug car seat cover designs to choose from, but I'm partial to this design from Groove Bags.
Have you personalized your car? Do you have a vanity plate?

Hope your Tuesday was Pugtastic! Sorry this post was so late in the day. I wanted people to get a chance to read Weekend in Rhode Island.

Thanks for visiting! Remember to always buckle up (people and pets!) for safety.

Pugs and kisses,


  1. I remember when you had to get the Honda. I love all the pug decor. I do not personalize my car--I lease a new suv every 3 years, so they are always pretty temporary. I really shop for the best deal--I don't drive much so leasing works for me. I got my current one in June 2016 and it does not even have 14k miles on it. I love how the pugs wear seat belts--safety first!

  2. I don't personalize my car. But your pug mobile is so cute, as well as the pug boys. Love the pug boy harnesses. Bobbin needs a teal or pink one, and a car seat booster. But we aren't going many places so no problem yet. Thanks for sharing your sweet ride.

  3. You had me laughing at I kissed a dog and liked it...but then your car seats literally made me laugh out loud!!! Oh Nancy you are just so fun!!! I drive an Alien Green Kia Soul and don't decorate it...except for the colorful quilt laid along the back seat.(Always need a quilt)