Wednesday, June 6, 2018

June Sunday 2018 with the Brown Baggers

Newsflash! We interrupt this blog to announce that we finally have a signed building permit from the City of Boston. Now we can finish our kitchen remodeling project. Hooray!!

Here's a recap of some of the projects being worked on at our Brown Bagger quilt meeting last Sunday.
I finished a quilt! I put the binding on this great big beauty. It is a gift for my Cousin Liz. My blogging friend Val did the machine quilting. I finished this quilt top in November of 2017, so it hasn't been languishing for too long.
Jo Ann S. finished this marvelous star quilt, complete with binding.
Marion got her t-shirt quilt back from Kim P. who did the machine quilting. She is putting the binding on this week. It is a gift for her son Michael.
Here is Kathie showing off one of her blocks in progress. We are so delighted that Kathie has moved back to Boston from Texas.
Here is Debbie posing with one of her star blocks. This is a Missouri Quilt Company pattern.
Valerie was working on a cross stitch project.
Sally was putting the binding on her Row by Row quilt.
Debbie had an almost finished quilt to share.
Nancy D. had two finished quilts to share!
This quilt was made from our Dresden Squared birthday blocks. This is a free pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company.
I love the summery colors in this quilt. Nancy D. bought the fabrics and chose the pattern when we made our pilgrimage to Quilters Mecca aka the Missouri Star Quilt Company in March of 2017.
Sally just has to hand sew the binding down on this cute conversation print quilt. Easy and fun pattern!
Here is Lori peeking out from behind the adorable sail boat quilt that she is making for her grand nephew. She is in the process of machine quilting it.
Intrepid world traveler Kim G. is in Thailand for business and sent us some snapshots from the city.
Here is Kim G. recruiting for the international chapter of Brown Bagger quilters. These are not treadle machines. They are powered by electricity.
Another street-side sewer as seen in Thailand!
Maybe Kim G. will bring us home some fabric from Thailand!

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