Thursday, June 14, 2018

Kitchen Renovations, Part 3

Progress is being made!

For two weeks work came to a trickle, and then a halt, as we still waited and waited for our kitchen permit to be approved. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I'm on a first name basis with most of the members of my City Rep's staff and I've even invited young Walter over for dinner once our kitchen renovations are complete.
Completely unrelated to the renovations, our water heater joined our stove in the back yard.
Our cabinets were delivered on June 1st! Unfortunately, since we were still waiting for our permit, they sat around for a couple of weeks.

Since one box was open at the top, we could at least peek inside to see them.
The plasterer came last Sunday morning at 7 a.m.
No more hole in the ceiling!
Or the wall!
I'm assuming that the pipes will be hidden by the refrigerator and the cabinets...
Just waiting for cabinets!
The paint lady from Babel's came to our house and did an on-site consultation.
Naturally, I prefer the color grouping at the top while Mike prefers the color grouping at the bottom. I'm not sure why Mike doesn't want me to paint the kitchen purple. I think it would look smashing! We have still not reached a consensus on paint colors. I need to go to the paint store this week and purchase some sample sizes to paint on the wall.
At last, our permit came through. Ironically, while we had to wait 65 days for the approved permit, the inspector came the very next day, viewed our kitchen in progress and signed off on the permit. I have nothing nice to say about the Boston City Inspectional Services Department. Most of my neighbors have told me they don't bother getting a building permit and now I know why!

Finally, the big day arrived!
My contractor texted me this photo and told me he was done for the day!
When I came home from work, I had some cabinets! Hooray!
LarryPug does not appear to be impressed!
Caesar wants to know why we have cardboard on the floor.
After three steady days of cabinet installation, the sun is shining on our partial kitchen!
This is Mike's kitchen island.

Another view of the island. I think it's gorgeous! I added the side cabinets to the island as a surprise for Mike. We will use one to hold cutting boards and the other to hold trays and cookies sheets. Mike loves them!
We removed a closet and replaced it with a built-in cabinet. I was hesitant to do it, until I saw the one that my friends Jeff and Dorothy had done in their kitchen. I hired their contractor and kitchen designer, so I went ahead. I'm so glad I did. It looks great!
The cabinet had three rolling trays and two deep drawers. I think that Mike is going to use it to hold his collection of kitchen appliances.
I chose some hardware (finally!) for the cabinet doors. Mike and I prefer handles (instead of knobs).
We are also getting some snazzy cup pulls for some of the drawers.
I have my fingers crossed that our kitchen may be finished by the 4th of July!

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  1. I am enjoying watching your progress on your kitchen. Looks great!

  2. Glad you found some pulls. I like the cup pulls they are gorgeous. Looking beautiful.

  3. I love the style of the cabinets. Are they white or off white? You're going to love it.