Monday, May 28, 2018

Kitchen Renovations, Part 2

Still Wishin' for a Kitchen...

Oh, would that we had our permit from the City of Boston. Unlike nearby towns, where you fill out an application and hand them a check, whereupon you are handed a permit, Boston can take up to 60 days to give you a building permit. Ask me how I know...
Our kitchen still looks like this. Do you like what we've done with the place?
My builder has called the Inspectional Services department repeatedly. I am on a first name basis with my local Rep and all the people in his office. My new friend Walter told me that our permit might come as early as next Friday (we applied for it on April 9th).
This doesn't look like much, but the gas line for the stove has been moved to its new location.

Our siding has been replaced. There is a slight color variation, but it's not very noticeable.
Our HVAC has also been moved to its new location on the back wall. It used to live inside the wall that we tore down.
We spent Memorial Day weekend with our friend Deb in Maine. Unlike us, she has a working kitchen and made us several lovely meals. She has been pet sitting LarryPug and Caesar for a month.
From left to right: Caesar, Auntie Deb, Elvis and LarryPug
Since we still don't have a building permit, we collected LarryPug and Caesar and brought them home with us. Thirty days of dog sitting cost more than a few milk bones!

On the bright side, some progress was made.
When we left for Maine on Saturday, our floors looked like this. The blue tape designates the placement for our new kitchen island.
The floor crew showed up at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday morning and worked miracles! Missing boards were replaced. Everything was sanded and one coat of polyurethane was applied. Here are Caesar and LarryPug checking out the newly refinished floor in the kitchen/dining room.
Here is the living room.
This is the view from the hallway.
Since we'll be doing two more coats of polyurethane once the kitchen cabinets are installed (if we ever get that pesky permit), our downstairs furniture currently consists of three dog crates, a folding table and a lamp.

I took advantage of Memorial Day sale prices and ordered our new stove and refrigerator. We had picked them out on President's Day weekend back in February.
While our floors were being done, our builder moved our refrigerator outside.
And our stove is heading for the dumpster.
I've had these appliances for 19 years and they still work well. The only reason we chose to replace them is that the kitchen designer designs the new kitchen around the appliances so it made sense to update them now to ensure that they would fit. These are both GE Profile appliances and that's what we chose for the new kitchen.

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  1. Yikes! 60 days plus! Your floor looks fabulous. Can't wait to see the new appliances.

  2. Our neighbor just finished s long kitchen make over as you are going gets tough but they just finished and I can tell you is just fantastic!!! You will love it! Btw I’m msking a bigger eye-spy quilt using your idea of flyer sting the four blocks with a large square. (A couple fabrics left over from your Quilt too) thanks fir the inspiration,

    1. Sorry...I replied from my phone...I meant: I used your idea of four patches alternated with one bigger square. (Smiles being sent)

  3. Beautiful floors. I am hoping you get that D/:;() permit soon.

  4. Remodeling is such a pain in the neck, but you will love it when it is finished.

  5. Well, the floors are fantastic, but the rest--ugh! I feel your pain! Hoping that permit comes through soon. If you put the stove and refrigerator on Craigslist for free, someone will come and take them and keep them from the landfill. Plus you won't have to haul them and someone gets a free working stove! (I'll bet the pugboys are happy to be home!)

  6. How frustrating why does it take so long to get your permit? Guess you have been asking that yourselves. Do hop it will not be too long till your household is back to normal.