Sunday, May 6, 2018

Kitchen Renovations, Part 1

Mike and I have survived week 1 of our kitchen remodeling project. If you have never visited Casa Pug Pack, here's a photo of our kitchen before the demolition.
Here is our original kitchen. Everything is builder grade and boring. By the way, the only time the kitchen was this clean was when I moved in 19 years ago. You can see, we really needed our floors refinished. The shiny part in front of the fridge had been protected by a rug. I guess that 19 years of four human feet and 12 pug paws can cause some wear and tear.
The demo started last Friday, April 27th. Mike and I packed up the pugs and headed to Maine for the weekend.

After a week of demo, we now have an open concept kitchen.
Look Mom, no walls!
Fortunately, we have a nice new ceiling beam to carry the load.
As well as a matching post to bear some of the weight in our laundry room closet.
As part of our reno, we removed a window in our kitchen. Our stove and exhaust fan will now go where this window was. I'm hoping that by removing the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, we'll still have plenty of sunlight.
Here's our first nasty surprise. Mold. Yuck! When our contractor removed the window, he discovered that it had not been properly installed. So now we have new sheathing and we'll be getting some new siding too. This window was not original to the house, so luckily our whole house is not rotting away.
Waiting for some siding and a sunny day for installation.
Here's our own personal dumpster, who's joined the POD in our driveway. Luckily, we have a very large driveway.
During the busiest parts of the demolition, LarryPug and Caesar are spending a few weeks up in Maine with their Auntie Deb and her menagerie of three large dogs and one cat.
Here are Caesar and LarryPug sunbathing in Maine. Deb's dog Sam is in the background. Luckily, Deb sends me funny photos every day. And I know that Caesar is having the time of his life, hiking in the woods with her.
Elvis has been spending his days in Joannie's kitchen enjoying a little senior romance with her 13 year old Boston Terrier Alli.
Elvis says that you're never too old for love! And special thanks to Auntie Joannie for senior daycare!
Mike, Elvis and I are camping out in the living room or grilling outdoors.
I miss my couch!
Here are our accomplishments for the week:

The dining room wall is down and the ceiling beam has been installed.

We've got the power! Ron the electrician spent most of his week with us before he leaves shortly for a 2-week mission trip to Africa. Elvis and I enjoyed hanging out with him. He also fixed our outside motion detector light.
I love how Ron writes on the wall! He assures me that the new paint will cover the pencil marks!
The new wiring is complete.
We purchased our sink, faucet and pot filler.
This is our new farmhouse sink and faucet. We ordered a brushed finish on the faucet (Mike's choice).
Here is Mike cooking the last supper in our old kitchen before the demo.
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  1. Reno is moving right along. Pug boys retreat. They are probably having a blast.

  2. A disruptive time but sure to be a wonderful finish. Then you can invite friends over, cook up a storm and get those pugs back home.

  3. That's some serious progress. Nice beams, too! Based on the picture, I think you'll have enough light. Mike picked a great sink and faucet! The reno is awful when you're doing it, but once it's done you'll be so glad. (Except Elvis, who appears to like the current state of things!)

  4. Your kitchen will be fantastic! I'm sure Mike will be very happy once it's done.

    I am so happy you reported the two tan pugs are in Maine. I just read a tan pug (female) was found running around on Readville Street and I started to worry. I know the boys are boys, but still I got worried. All is well thank gosh! Unless, of course, Caesar came home on his own! :)

  5. Wow, the space is massive with the wall down. I can visualize it- your countertops, modern tile against your cabinets, and lovely sink and fixtures! Love.