Monday, January 21, 2019

MLK Quilt Weekend 2019: Debbie's Quilts

Our MLK Quilt Weekend was cut short by a winter snowstorm, but we still had two days to do some quilting together, before we decamped on Saturday night.

Debbie found a new machine quilter (a husband and wife team) and brought in five completed quilts to show us.

We did this pattern as a birthday block a few years ago. I believe it is a Terry Atkinson pattern called "Snapshots", but I'm recalling this from memory, not looking it up.
Naturally, Debbie plans to hang this quilt in her sewing room.
Here's a close-up of the quilting design with needle and thread.
This was my favorite of the batch. Below is a close-up of each house.

Quilt Barn and scarecrow
Pilgrim Hat House
Owl House
Acorn House, complete with squirrel
Come back on Wednesday to see some more quilts from the other Brown Bag Quilting Girls! It's cold and icy here in Massachusetts, so I'm staying inside!

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  1. Oh that fall quilt is adorable. There are so many little surprises in the details. Love the needle & thread quilting. Bummer your weekend was cut short. Better safe than sorry.

  2. Wow such gorgeous quilts with such variety. Yep I agree it is a good time to stay inside.

  3. Sorry things got cut short! That storm was a doozy. My daughter went to school today and it -30 degrees with the windchill. The quilting looks gorgeous on all those quilts. I am thinking quilting by check is the best method.