Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Yoga Mat Bag for Gary

I am fortunate to have the most fantastic family who support all of my craft endeavors. Most recently my brother Gary requested that I make him a yoga bag to carry his mat to his yoga class. He sent me a sweet email with his request as well as links to two free patterns that he had researched. This is the pattern that I used to make his bag. It was fast and easy. Gary also went to Joann Fabrics' website and chose the fabric that he wanted. Here is the second pattern link option that he sent me, which I did not use.

Here is my husband Mike modelling Gary's finished yoga bag which I mailed to him on Monday.
Gary wanted a "bad-ass" yoga bag with skulls and flames!
The pattern was quick and easy. The recommended fabric is decorator weight, but Gary had chosen quilting weight cotton, so I added a layer of fusible foam for firmness. Next time, I think I will also interface the fabric. The handles are made of webbing and the bag closes with a simple loop and a button. Of course, I added pockets to the bag: two on the outside, between the bag handles (one on each side) and two patch pockets on the inside. I also added an inside strap with an S-hook for Gary's keys. The pattern called for turning the bag inside out at the top seam, but I prefer to do it at the bottom of the lining.
Here is Mike showing you one of the outside pockets.
Here's a close-up of the clever outer pocket that I added with orange trim. There's a close-up of the skull button in the photos below.
I added a key loop. Orange is Gary's favorite color.
Contrasting inner pocket. Can you see the skull faces in the flames? Gary chose the bright orange for the lining too.
No bad-ass yoga bag would be complete without a scary skull button. I made this from a plain black button and a Halloween figurine (found at Joann Fabrics) of the three skulls. I glued them together with my trusty E600.
I'm looking forward to getting a photo of my brother with his new yoga bag. I promised my sister-in-law that if she joined Gary at yoga class that I would make her a bag too! Thank you Gary for your patience (email request sent in mid August, bag sent December 31st).

I also included some new pillowcases in Gary's package for him, his wife and their two little nephews.
Some of my next projects are two baby quilts (one for my friend Anna and one for my brother Gary for his co-teacher), and a leopard print pillow for my friend Julie.

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