Sunday, October 26, 2014

Nothing Can Stop Me from Getting to Houston

After what seems like an interminable amount of time since I originally booked my trip, I am leaving for the International Quilt Festival in Houston tomorrow at the crack of dawn. It is the 40th anniversary of the show, so all the bells and whistles have been pulled out. It should be an amazing week and I promise to return with lots of stories and photos.

There is one small problem though. I hab a cob. Which translates to: I have a cold. And an ear infection. Which should make flying on a plane pretty fun. Yesterday, Mike even took me to Doc in a Box in hopes that they could give me something for my earache. After my $35 co-pay, the doctor told me that I had a cold and an ear infection (something I knew when I walked in), and that I should take Mucinex (which my friend Lee Anna had already recommended for free and without the benefit of a medical degree). I did however leave with a nifty paper handout that describes my medical condition. I have Fluid in the Middle Ear, No Infection (adult).  The fancy Latin name is Serious Otitis Media. This condition does not respond to antibiotics since there is no infection. Lucky me.

Serious Otitis Media. It hurts.
Mike took me home and I spent the day alternating between napping with the pugs on the couch and napping with the pugs in my bed. I drank three glasses of orange juice and blew my nose a lot.
Here I am in all my germy glory. At least I have Romeo (top), LarryPug (middle) and
Elvis (black spot on the bottom) to comfort me. As well as a couch full of quilts to wrap up in.
Mike made me his famous minestrone soup for dinner. The recipe is from Cooking Light magazine.  Mike omitted the summer squash and also added turkey sausage.
Mike's minestrone versus Serious Otitis Media.
I ate two bowls of soup for dinner and a small bowl of chocolate ice cream. I'm feeling slightly better this morning but my ear still hurts. It feels silly to be an adult with an earache.

I am going to spend a lot of quality time on the couch again, although I must pack my suitcase.

Much love to you all, I'll be back in a week.

Pugs and kisses,


  1. You need a corn bag. Get it warm, and lay down with your ear on it. The nice and warm damp heat will help the ear ache. Don't feel bad I had it a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Yuck! We use a sock filled with course sea salt. Warm it up slowly, 30 seconds at a time, in the microwave and then place below your painful ear, on your neck. It's suppose help. Good Luck with the flying part of your trip!

  3. I have ear issues way too often as an adult, and it's no joke. Soooo sorry you hurt.
    yawn really big, wide open mouth, tongue stuck out! Opens the tube a bit. Oy!

  4. Hope you are feeling better and having a great time at the show!!

  5. Oh Nancy - here is hoping your flight did not make your ear feel worse. I have Meniere's so can totally relate. Hope you have a fabulous time at Quilt Fest!

  6. Nancy -- I've been coming to this site every day since I read you were sick. Did you make it to Houston? Are you better? Hoping everything is okay!