Sunday, July 29, 2012

She Flew Through the Air...

"Man plans, God laughs,"  is a Yiddish proverb that describes my day today.

It was Sunday. I didn't have anything exciting planned. I was hoping to do some cleaning and organizing in my bedroom (not exciting, but necessary); some laundry (again, not exciting, but necessary) and possibly some work in the garden (see previous two items). On a happier note, Mike and I were planning to eat breakfast at the 50s Diner (they make really good chocolate chip pancakes), which was definitely something to look forward too! Perhaps if I finished all my Sunday chores, I might head over to the Studio and work on Baby Angie's animal quilt.

As always, I begin my day with walking the pugs. I got a late start today because for some reason Mike and I stayed up late on Saturday night and watched the movie Jerry Maguire with Tom Cruise, even though we had both seen it before and it didn't end until 1 am. As I left my house, I ran into my neighbor's niece, Helena, and her daughter, Sophie, who are visiting for the summer from Ireland (they come every year) and we chatted with them for a few minutes before heading to the park. The sky was grey and threatening to rain. As we rounded the corner, we spied a whole flock of birds in the park, and I told Larry Pug how much fun he would have helping Romeo and Elvis chase them.

And then it happened. One minute I was walking along on my own two feet, side by side with the pugs' collective 12 feet, the next minute I tripped over the curb and I was airborne! I desperately tried to grab hold of the chain link fence to break my fall, but it was too far away, so instead I fell hard and landed on my right side, mainly on my shoulder and my knee. I never let go of the pugs' leashes, and fortunately I didn't land on one of them!

This is my right knee. Luckily, it still works!

My first thought as I lay there on the sidewalk, was "now I know why people carry cellphones when they walk their dogs," since Mike was home sleeping. My second thought was, "I wonder how long I would lie there before one of my neighbors would come by and help me up." Fortunately, my neighbor Sandy was driving home from Dunkin' Donuts and saw the whole episode, including my 3-point, non-Olympic-qualifying landing on the cement. She immediately pulled her car over and came to my assistance. My neighbors, Patty and Jack, who live about one house down from where I fell, also came over to help. Romeo, Elvis, and Larry, stayed right by my side and comforted me. Sandy put me and the three pugs in her car, and drove us home. As soon as I got in the house, I burst into tears and Mike came running downstairs.

We decided to go to the Emergency Room and get everything checked out. My arm and shoulder were throbbing, and I was just praying that I hadn't broken anything. We packed a bag with several books and some bottles of water in case we were stuck there for a while. Unbelievably, we were the only people in the Emergency Room, so I got seen by the triage nurse right away. Next I saw the Resident, and finally the attending physician. Fortunately nothing was broken, and I escaped within a one-hour time period with only a tetnus shot and a $100 co-pay.

We made it to the 50s Diner in time for lunch and ran a few errands afterwards. So no sewing today.

Earlier this week, I made a baby blanket for Michael's new little cousin, Elizabeth. It is just a simple fleece blanket, reversing to flannel, but it will be nice and cuddly. I embroidered her name and birthday on it. Elizabeth is a "second baby", so I thought she should get something special with her name on it.
Red flannel blanket reversing to LadyBug fleece.
I really like this font!

 I also finished a couple of adult-size bibs that Marion and I are making for one of my friends at work, whose sister is handicapped and lives in a group home.

Hopefully, I will sew with Joannie tomorrow night and perhaps finish the top of Baby Angie's quilt. I got the center assembled at my Thursday night quilt group this week, and just need to add a couple rounds of borders. I purchased some lovely pink fabric at Sewfisticated Discount Fabrics on Monday at lunch time, which I will use for the backing.

Pugs and kisses,

P.S. Blogger's note to Mom--I am FINE! I am a little stiff from my misadventure, but Advil and ice are helping!

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