Thursday, July 26, 2012

When bad fabric happens to good people

I am making a baby quilt for my cousin Joel's new baby, Angie, who was just born last month. My cousin Joel only got married a few years ago (to the lovely Anelia), and he is 52, so it is quite exciting that he finally has a baby! I wish my Aunt Ros was still alive to see her baby granddaughter, she would be so excited.

Anyway, I am using two fabrics, one for the applique background, and the other for sashing, both from quilt shops, not large discount fabric stores, and they are both shredding as I  sew them together. This is so annoying. I always try to support my local quilt store, rather than the big box chain, but at $10 a yard (or more!), can't the fabric manufacturers make something that doesn't shred? Whatever happened to quality control? This is one of the reasons that I love batik--it is so tightly woven.

Stay tuned, you'll see the finished top soon!

Pugs and kisses,

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