Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vermont Quilt Festival, Part 2

Thursday night we went to the Show Preview. This is a thinly-disguised excuse to get to visit the vendor mall before the show officially opens. Yes, there are lots of beautiful quilts there, but we don't look at them that night. This year we didn't get there until 7:45 pm, (the Preview opens at 7:30pm) and all the free Lake Champlain chocolate was gone! Boo Hoo! I wrote a complaint about this on my review form. And the chocolate isn't really free because you have to pay to go to the Show and the classes...My hands were very busy with the VISA card, so no photos of Thursday night.

OK, so we bought a few things...
The next day, we were at the door of Yankee Pride Quilts when they opened Friday morning. They were good sports and let us into the shop 10 minutes early. This is a very large store, complete with a bargain basement and located very close to the Quilt Festival. They had a color-themed sale for every day of the quilt show. I think we were there for Red Day (20% off any fabric with a red background).

In the afternoon, Sue took a class and made a very cute little zipper bag. I thought I took a photo of it, but I guess not. While she was in class, Joannie, Marion and I ate a scrumptious lunch at the Ice House in Burlington. We were seated outside, under a canopy, facing the ocean. Lunch was good, but dessert (chocolate torte with raspberry sauce) was even better. We shared!

We also got to see our friend Sally who was also taking classes.

Sue insisted I take a photo of this very cool giant coke bottle recycling bin!

Finally, some quilt photos!
Marion didn't make this, but I posed her in front of it and we pretended!

Lovely applique!

This was one of the faculty quilts.

This quilt reminded us of the one that Joannie made for her daughter Jill.

I took a photo of this quilt for my friend Eleanor who has a scottie dog.

My Mother-in-law, Bobbie, and I both love sunflowers!

A beautiful kimono quilt!

There were so many gorgeous quilts to look at! We picked Sue up after her class ended at 3:30 pm and went to visit yet another quilt shop, Sew Many Treasures

Joannie is at the front of this line, on the very far left. You can see her elbow if you look closely. By accident, they left one of her pieces of fabric out of her bag. Luckily we realized quickly and were able to turn around and get it!

Marion and Sue take a break outside the shop. They were pooped out from all the shopping and walking!

We needed some pre-dinner ice-cream at Friendly's so that we would have enough stamina to make it until dinner time. No calories when it's consumed with friends!
On Friday night, we met up for dinner with our friend Carol, her Dad, Ralph (a brave man to eat dinner with 7 quilting ladies), and our other friends, Ginny and Nancy. Ginny and Nancy drove up on Wednesday and took a class on Thursday before the show opened. Nancy's daughter lives in Vermont, almost across the street from Saint Michael's college, so they even had a free place to stay. Her daughter is expecting a baby in December, so Nancy was stocking up on baby fabric and attempting to buy out the Carter's baby outlet. Carol and her Dad drove up on Friday and stayed overnight. We had dinner at Junior's Italian Restaurant, which was right next door to our hotel, the not-so-Quality Inn. Remind me not to stay there next year...
We've eaten at Juniors before. The food is delicious and the portions are enormous. We all shared entrees. Sue and I had Veal Parmesan. Yum!

I still have more photos to share, so I will write Part 3, soon!

Pugs and kisses, if you've managed to make it until the end!

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