Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Finished Projects (and almost finished projects) from the August Weekend

I admit that while I greatly enjoyed the company of my Brown Bagger Quilting friends last weekend, I was not particularly enjoying the projects that I brought to work on. My work life has been dismal the past few weeks, since my co-worker went on maternity leave, and I've been kind of down in the dumps.

Happily, this week my mood has improved, as I've continued a steady dose of sugar and shopping, my fail-safe cure for most ills.

For me, it was a zig-zag weekend, as for the most part, I put bindings on baby blankets. This was a simple task that my depressed brain could handle. One could even call it therapy.

Three new blankets for the Etsy Shop, since I've
already sold the blue one at upper right.
I made three more Patriots pillowcases, also for the Etsy Shop.
I made two full size pug fleece blankets. I'm keeping these.
This one is for Mike. I've trimmed it in orange and it reverses to
orange minky. Mine is trimmed with pink. I bought this fleece at
JoAnn Fabrics a few years ago and I have been saving it.
Next, I'm making myself a jacket and no, I'm not kidding.
If you've read my blog before, you can probably guess that
these place mats belong to Joannie. They were quite a hit at her
Golf Banquet on Tuesday night.
Another golfing friend received this cute little tote bag that Joannie made.
Marion also caught the place mat bug. She finished a set of
four autumnal place mats that will be a hostess gift.
Valerie made a table runner.
Joanne whipped up this baby quilt top in one day.
This quilt belongs to Nancy D. As usual, she is posing behind it.
Terri made this Yellow Brick Road in flannel.
Paula finished the top of her star quilt.
Lexine put the binding on her brightly-colored baby quilt.
Kim G. assembled the top of her Asian quilt.
Joan was working on this appliqued Christmas quilt with
lots of details. I can't wait to see it when it is finished.
Kim P. made this pink and black play mat.
It even has pink leopard print in it. My favorite!
Kim P. also finished the assembly of the center of her Civil War quilt which she has been working on for quite a while. She still needs to add the outer borders, but it is truly a masterpiece and my photos don't do it justice. The first photo is an overall picture. I've also included two close-ups so that you can see more of the details. Look closely, you'll see a Hershey's Miniature candy bar in one of the photos to give you an idea of the size of the teeny tiny pieces in this quilt. After you see this, you'll never be able to throw away a scrap of fabric again! Kim--this is so fabulous!

Center of the quilt. I think Kim said that she bought it as a
kit at the Houston Quilt Festival a few years ago.
Close-up #1
See the Hershey's Miniature? These are really small pieces.

Hope you enjoyed this mini show of our projects! Please leave a comment if you drop by for a visit!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Do you have any idea if I would be able to find that pug fleece fabric some where?

    1. Hi Lala! You are a no reply blogger, so hopefully you will see this. Have you tried a Google search for pug fleece or checked on Ebay or Etsy?