Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Saturday Non-Quilty Fun

Mike and I went to the annual Corn and Tomato Festival at Verrill Farm last Saturday. It is held outside under several large tents. They have pony rides for the kids, a hay wagon ride, and a bluegrass band, plus all the delicious fresh tomatoes and corn that you can eat. For the non-veggie lovers, there are also hot dogs and hamburgers for sale. One tent has cooked items made with tomatoes and corn and several smaller tents have fresh corn on the cob and at least 20 varieties of fresh tomatoes.

This was my plate. There was corn polenta, risotto with tomatoes,
macaroni and cheese with tomatoes, bread pudding with corn
and tomatoes, cornbread, and couscous.

Here is Mike enjoying some of the fresh tomatoes.

After we enjoyed our corn and tomato goodies, we visited their farm store. They have wonderful fresh produce, baked goods, and plants. I had forgotten that they had plants!

Aren't these eggplants just gorgeous? We bought some and Mike grilled them for dinner.

I filled my wagon with some new perennials for my garden. The hot pink flowers
in the front are Bee Balm. I also bought some new varieties of sedum.

Later that afternoon, we decided to take the pugs to Jamaica Pond for a walk to enjoy the beautiful weather, and of course to show them off, since they are still in the Pets on Quilts contest and they need all the votes we can get. You can still vote here until Saturday night, August 24th. Look for the big blue arrow at the bottom of the post that says, "Vote Here", then click on the comments. You have to write your vote in as a comment. Sorry, it's a little complicated.

 In the car.

LarryPug is in front, Romeo is in the rear,
and Elvis is riding in the carriage.
This is the first time that we brought the baby carriage for Elvis to ride in. Elvis is almost 11 and he is very arthritic. He can walk, but Jamaica Pond is a 1.5 mile loop, so I usually end up carrying him part of the way. Romeo is a year older than Elvis, but he loves to walk. LarryPug is only 4, so he probably could have done a second lap. This was LarryPug's first visit to Jamaica Pond, which he enjoyed tremendously. Our friend Cindy got us the carriage at a garage sale for $10. Elvis loves to ride in it. He barked at all the big dogs as we passed them on our walk.

Saturday night, we enjoyed some delicious grilled veggies, plus a killer tomato salad with tomatoes from our own garden, as well as Mike's mouth-watering buttermilk chicken for dinner. For dessert, there was a home-made blueberry and rhubarb pie from Verrill Farms.

A great day!

Pugs and kisses to all,

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