Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Waiting for Dahlias

Last September my yard was awash with a rainbow of dahlias. I went back to see if I had done a blog post, but there were only two photos showing you the last of them in October. This year, I bought about a dozen new varieties to add to my dahlia bed.

This season has been sorely disappointing. So far, I've had three dahlias bloom. All of the plants appear to have come up and some of them are finally starting to bud, but it is late. Of course, the weather has been wacky this year. My bulbs started coming up in late December.

Small pink and yellow dahlia

Small yellow dahlia
Medium size red dahlia
Meanwhile, my neighbor Stefan, who lives two doors down, has this magnificent specimen in his front yard. It has been blooming prolifically for at least two months.

I love how Stefan's dahlias match the pumpkin color of his house.
Their front door is painted "nacho cheese yellow" -- his wife Jackie's choice.
Enormous rust colored blossoms!

As a consolation prize, my hydrangeas are still gorgeous and overflowing with flowers.

I finally had to break down and cut them because they were obscuring the path.

These are white hydrangeas. They turn a kind of rusty color as they age.

I brought the ones I cut back inside and put them in water.
Inside the house they look green!
These are my blue hydrangeas. They are past
their prime but still so pretty.
One last blue one!
If the weather holds, perhaps I'll have dahlias for Halloween!

Have a good evening!

Pugs and kisses,

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