Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Quick Finish

I started this little zipper pouch on Monday night. I cut out all the squares after I finished the companion bag to the Toile zippered tote.

On Wednesday morning, I had a time dividend of 45 minutes before going to work. Since I work from home on Wednesdays, my commuting time is extremely short, from the bottom of the stairs to the top. I had a choice of taking a shower or sewing. Since it was a super hot day and I was already sweaty, I opted for sewing. Remember, only the pugs were at home to keep me company.

Forty five minutes was enough to sew all the pouch squares together and quilt one side of the pouch. They are 2.5" squares.

One completed side.

Side two, ready to be quilted.
Last night I put in a little more sewing time, about and hour and a half, and the pouch is now finished.
Here's a photo with me to give you an idea of
the pouch's finished size.
In summary, I spent about 2.5 hours making this pouch and the only cost to me was the zipper, since the fabric, batting, and thread came from my stash. I even had left over D-rings from making Rachel's bag last month. I like the size of this pouch and the pattern was easy to follow and extremely detailed. Next time, I think I will experiment with altering the size and shape of the squares and the finished pouch.

Are you going to make one? It was fun, although it doesn't make a dent at all in your scraps. But if you need a quick finish for some instant gratification, make a zipper pouch. And don't be afraid of the zipper.

Have a great day!

Pugs and kisses,

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  1. What a cute bag, I am definitely making one :-).

  2. Awesome! Shame about the lack of a scrap'll just have to make more! Thanks for commenting on my post made my day! Theresa

  3. Lovely bag. What a good idea to be organised enough to sew before work! :-)

  4. This is just adorable! I love those fabrics you used.

  5. Lovely bag and the fabrics!!Hugs Bambi

  6. Nice bag. Anything to use up scraps will always help me. :)

  7. Nice pouch - I like the fabrics that you chose.

  8. What a cute little pouch! They are so much fun to make. Thanks for sharing.
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