Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Little Thursday Night Sewing

I haven't seen my Thursday friends in a month. First, there were the Jewish holidays, then an evil client who scheduled a meeting from 1pm to 5pm, Pacific Time, knowing full well that it was 4pm to 8pm, Eastern Time, where three of us had to conference in from Massachusetts. The following week, the quilt meeting was suddenly rescheduled to Wednesday evening. At last, a Thursday without a conflict!

Pat and I are taking this class, Metro Rings, on Saturday at Quilter's Way in Acton.

Pat is making hers in yellow and grey so it will probably look just like the picture above. I am making mine in black and white and using turquoise for the center of my rings. My quilt will either be amazing or give people seizures. Before class, we had to make five strip sets with five different fabrics in each.

Homework done!
For those of you who read my blog regularly, there is no need to be snide and point out: 1. That I just took a quilt class last week; and 2. The Bali Bedrunner pattern is awfully similar to Metro Rings. In my defense, I'd like to point out that they are two completely different techniques and the quilts will be quite different from each other when and if I ever finish them. Besides, I'm keeping an awfully lot of people in the quilting and fabric industry employed. Also, all of the black and white fabric in the photo above came from Nancy's House of Fabric, aka My Stash.

Here are two t-shirt quilts that my friends recently completed. The one below is Fifty Shades of Grey, Part 2, made by my friend Pat. You can see Fifty Shades of Grey, the original, and read the story behind her two quilts here.

Next up is my friend Beth. This is also a second quilt in a memorial series. You can see Beth's first t-shirt quilt here (scroll down about half way through the post). This is a smaller version. She backed this one in fleece (and didn't use batting) to make it nice and cuddly.

Lovely job girls! I know that the t-shirt quilts will be family treasures.

Stay tuned for more exciting quilting adventures!

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  1. Lovely black and white fabrics.

  2. Keep on quilting with abandon! We need more enthusiasm in the world!
    Lee Anna Paylor

  3. Oh man! I LOVE metro rings! Daughter Carrie is a modern architectural designer and wanted me to find a modern wedding ringi for her. I think you have found me the answer!

  4. Love the blacks and whites. Can't wait to see how the rings look with turquoise. I'm sure it will be amazing.

  5. Love black and turquoise together! Just bought fabric for my youngest daughter's quilt in those colors