Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kimono Jacket Class

Not too much exciting going on here. I am actually sewing and in fact I am taking a 3-session kimono jacket class. Last week was the first class. I brought my bad self to class and was in a grumpy mood when I got there. The teacher was tired and a little off her game (I am purposely not identifying the shop or the teacher because I've taken many classes with her before and she is excellent). That Woman was there, you know, the one who doesn't stop talking the entire class and asks the teacher to repeat herself because she was busy talking while the teacher was trying to give instructions. I had to refrain from smacking her.

The jacket has no pattern and is based on your own measurements. It is constructed of four rectangles. The fabric I'm using is a pink and purple tweed and it came from my Stash. I bought it several years ago at a quilter's rummage sale table at a quilt show. It has been living in my basement and was happy to escape.
Here I am on Monday night actually doing my homework for class. I am sewing the lining to the jacket panels. I used a decorative stitch, which you can see on the lining side but it doesn't show on the front because the fabric has a lot of texture.
Here is a closer look at the fabric. The colors are very pretty.
Tonight was the second session. I tried to leave my bad self at home and fortified myself with dinner and a couple of snacks before I left the house. I also told myself to ignore That Woman if she had verbal diarrhea again (she did, she must live alone and be eager for an audience). I thought this session went much better. This week our instructor had prepared a handout for us and did a great demo on how to make a welt pocket.

I basted my jacket panels together and I am a little on the fence. First, I'm not sure that this style will be flattering on me (by the way the store sample is gorgeous, of course, I think it is a size 6) and second, my tweed jacket is screaming Barbara Bush to me. I'm not into Chanel or pearls (I much prefer zebra print and earrings that hang to my waist), so I will have to do some type of embellishment (applique? embroidery? glitter?) on top of the tweed so I can wear it with pride.

I did treat myself to some fabric on Monday afternoon when I made a lunch time run to Sewphisticated. Celestine is up from North Carolina for a month and working at the store. She gave me a big hug when she saw me.
The Christmas dogs (see the pug?) will be a pillowcase for Cindy, the zebra print and the lime green daisies are headed for the Stash and the cat fabric is being collected to make gifts for the three women who staff my veterinarian's front office.

Thanks for all of your nice comments on my Pets on Quilt Show entry. I am still writing back to everyone.

Hope your week is going well. Maybe I will bring duct tape to my class next week...

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  1. I'm shocked (not at all) that you chose purple for your jacket :-). I love the little Christmas pug. I'm envisioning little Christmas bow ties for Larry, Romeo and Elvis.

  2. I can't wait to see how your jacket turns out. I like the tweed that you have.

  3. I love that you are honest about your classes! I mostly love them but sometimes get irritated too. If the students are all really nice I worry I am being the irritating one. Best wishes on getting the jacket to be more you

  4. I love that you've chosen that fabric- it's very rich in colour and it's tweed! Look forward to seeing how it turns out :-) Your latest follower!

    1. Thanks Agy! I usually reply privately, but you are a no-reply blogger. Last night I was sewing with Joannie and Sue (you'll see them frequently in my blog) and they both loved the jacket and reassured me that it wasn't so bad. I think perhaps it is just a little more formal than I am used to. Welcome to the blog! I hope you enjoy it!