Monday, August 18, 2014

Purging Update with First Fabric Destash!

I am participating in Stitched in Color's Purge Along. The table runner I showed you in my first purge post has been layered and is being quilted by my friend Kim. I also finished the top of a quilt for our friend Phil, made entirely of Stash fabric, shown here.

Tonight, while Joannie and Sue sewed, I worked on organizing some fabric for sale in my Etsy Shop. The first box that I attacked was the beige box. I have a strong aversion to beige.

Below is Bundle #1 which has 12 Fat Quarters and 8 Long Quarters.

Fat Quarters, set of 12 shown here.

Long quarters, set of 8 shown here.
Below is Bundle #2, which has 7 Fat Quarters, 4 Long Quarters (one not shown, a very plain beige), 8 strips that are 4.5"x40",  and a 2/3 yard piece.
This is 7 fat quarters and 4 long quarters. One is not shown here because I added it later.
This piece is 2/3 of a yard.
Lastly, I will shove all of the remaining beige fabrics which are large scraps into Bundle #3.
I am mailing these in flat rate Priority Mail envelopes (postage is $5.95 each). Any of you out there crazy enough to want all the beige bundles, let me know and I will repackage it into one flat rate Priority Mail box and update the postage.

I also purged an ancient knitting project that I started at least 20 years ago. It's been living in a cardboard box in my hallway after it was forced out of the upstairs sewing room closet to make room for more fabric. My friend Sue will give it to one of her ladies at Rosie's Place (a womens' shelter in Boston), who will love a knitting UFO to finish.
I didn't even remember that I had so much done. The front and back and finished and sewn together. This is a dinosaur sweater with bobbles for scales. There are also three dimensional scales to add.
Here is Joannie's latest finish, a beautiful tote bag that she is giving to a friend in her golf league who organizes their annual banquet.
Joannie embroidered the pocket with golf tees and it says, "Fairways are overrated!", which is a private joke on her golf team. The bag tells a story with brown fabric for the sand traps, green fabric for the fairway and blue fabric for the sky. There is golf ball fabric on the bottom.
I am late to the party this week, but linking up to Stitched in Color's Purge Along. Adding a link on Tuesday to Connie's Freemotion by the River. Linking up on Friday to Richard and Tanya Quilts, Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Crazy Mom Quilts. Linking up on Sunday to Sew Many Ways.

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  1. Sounds like your purge is going great. More room for new projects? Have a great day!

  2. Why am I so tempted by YOUR scraps? I don't even use MY scraps! LOL. I am sure you will find them a wonderful home :-).

    I love, love, LOVE the bag that Joannie made. Great concept with the grass and the sky. I especially love the quilting in the sky part. The parallel line crosshatch is beautiful!

  3. An Aversion to beige?!?! Obviously you are not planning any low volume quilts in your future.

  4. I have NO aversion to beige -let me know and I could make them a happy addition to my room!! ;-) Love the purge idea though...... hmmmmm, I could use some of that energy for my room I think - get it to where I can walk around and see what is going on in there!!! ;-)

  5. The golf tote is so fun! Would love to make one for my mom. Do you know where your friend got her fabric for it?

  6. Adorable tote bag there. And love the beige bundles. I tend to have a lot of beige thinking I'll use it and never do...