Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Let Sleeping Pugs Lie

Pugs love to sleep. Romeo will actually put himself to bed in his crate when he is tired. Elvis and LarryPug prefer the sofa.

Pugs love to nap. My pugs nap with one eye open so they don't miss anything that's going on. Pugs love a warm lap, a soft pillow, or in a pinch, even a pile of laundry (clean or dirty, doesn't matter) will do.

My pugs snore a little bit, usually when we're watching television at night, which annoys Mike endlessly, but I think their little snuffling sounds are cute.
I love this photo of Romeo. He looks like a sleeping pug angel. Wallygator is at front left. Unlike his brother Larry "Hannibal Lector" Pug who chews his stuffies to death, Romeo prefers to lick his to death. Wallygator has been with us for many years. I keep him safely away from LarryPug, who bit off part of Wallygator's tail and yearns for another bite.
Snoozing in tandem on the couch. Elvis and LarryPug.
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Pugs and kisses,


  1. Awe I would be willing to nap with them.

  2. what fun! They are so cute and snuggly. Their little snuffling noises would make me happy to hear. LEeAnna

  3. Nancy your babies are precious. We have Doxie love here. They are like our babies since our daughter grew up and flew the coop.
    I am absolutely loving the fabric and striped welting on your sofa! And it looks super cozy and comfortable too. Girl I'm thinking you got some style there. Would love to see that whole sofa. My heart is beating a little faster seeing it.

  4. Sometimes Giacomo sleeps with just the tip of his little red tongue showing. I always take a picture. I have 500 pictures of this.