Sunday, August 30, 2015

On My Way!

It is Sunday morning, bright and early, and I'm on my way (well almost) to spending the day sewing with my Brown Bagger buddies! In preparation, yesterday afternoon I assembled three bindings. Optimistically, I will finish two quilts today!

I cut my binding as soon as I finish the quilt top. I put the binding strips (sometimes with a note to self, as seen below) in my special pink binding box along with ALL of the remaining binding fabric -- just in case I miscalculated the number of binding strips I needed, which doesn't happen too often, but I'm no math whiz!

From left to right: black and white binding for Jeff's Star Trek Quilt, navy batik binding for my Rainbow Bargello Quilt, and purple batik binding for my Blue and Purple Scrap Wave Quilt.
My special pink binding box.

I also made a back for Jeff's Star Trek Quilt because I finished the top on Friday! Hooray! Unlike me, my brother Jeff is a math whiz... he's got two degrees from MIT and is some kind of computer software designer genius. Guess I could always ask him for help calculating quilt bindings.
To Boldly Go... the lap quilt version. 65"x70".
I'm taking the Pug Boys to the park and then I'm off. More later, quilting peeps!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. The Star Wars quilt looks fabulous.

  2. Oh great quilt finish!! My grandson (in high school) is a math wiz also--I am planning a "Plus" quilt in his favorite color: orange--whoa--quite a challenge for me...hugs, Julierose

  3. If he is a math and computer whiz he should be able to develop an app for you to use on your phone to do the quilt math for your. :D Have fun sewing with your buddies.