Friday, August 14, 2015

Purple Brick Road for Leah

Hooray! I finished another quilt. This Yellow Brick Road quilt is a gift for Leah, who is my niece Rachel's cousin (technically no relation to me, but I call Leah and her sister Jill my "bonus nieces"). I made Jill a quilt when she turned 13 and I'm a little behind on Leah's because I think Leah just turned 16. Oh well.
LarryPug poses with Leah's quilt.
Inside a Quilter's Mind or The Circuitous Route to Making a Decision
Originally, I had decided that I should start making my quilts reversible. I thought this might make a slight dent in the World's Largest Fabric Stash, so I was going to use this Yellow Brick Road quilt as the back of my Blue and Purple Scrap Wave. When I discussed this with my machine quilter, she didn't jump up and down for joy at my ingenuity since she was concerned with all of the seams that would be on both sides of the quilt. Then I decided to enlarge my Blue and Purple Scrap Wave and my YBR top was no longer big enough (the machine quilter wants at least 8-10 inches of extra fabric), so I would have had to make the YBR larger (and we know most of that would have ended up on the cutting room floor after quilting).

Anyway, I was long overdue to give Leah a quilt and what teenage girl doesn't like purple? So I posted a photo of it on her Facebook page  for her approval and she gave me a big thumbs up. I had two extra rows of blocks left over which I believe ended up on the back of the Blue and Purple Scrap Wave (still with Kate, so I'm not certain, they could also be buried in my Quilt Studio somewhere).

Here are a few more photos of Leah's quilt.
It's supposed to be a twin size quilt, but it fits the top of my queen size bed.
LarryPug and Elvis add some pizazz to the quilt photo shoot.
I really like the purple striped binding. This fabric is not in the quilt top but blends perfectly. The floral you see at left is the quilt underneath (currently on my bed). The back of Leah's quilt is a plain purple.
A close-up of some of the fabrics.
This is my fifth finished quilt for 2015. I have finished a total of 36 sewing projects this year. I have three more quilts waiting for binding, so more finished projects to share with you soon!

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  1. That is gorgeous....and so girl! Love that purple bench too.

  2. Wow you did a wonderful job. Love the purples. I am envious of all your finishes this year.

  3. What a wonderful gift, its beautiful!

  4. Beautiful! I love the look Larrypug is giving you in the first photo. Like he is saying, What? This one isn't mine?? Your giving it away? Lol very jealous of all your finishes! But happy to cheer you on; You Go Girl!!!

  5. Gorgeous quilt! Love the pugs on it as always. Are you entering them into the Pets on Quilts show? Hilarious to hear of your making a dent in your stash plans...that didn't pan out. I've thought of that too!

  6. Purples are my favorites of all time. Ever. So I have nothing but Huge Hugs and Happy Congrats for this Beauty. Your bonus niece is a very lucky niece. Happy Labor Day weekend.