Saturday, December 5, 2015

Give a Cheer for Finished Quilt Tops!

In my last post, you saw all of the beautiful things that were finished at our Cape retreat. Here are some quilt tops that were completed. Now on to layering and quilting!

This quilt below nearly made it to the other post. It is completely quilted, but it just needs a binding.
Paula's daughter made this skeleton quilt for her daughter (Paula's granddaughter). She doesn't like to do the bindings, so she asked Paula to do it. Of course, Paula agreed.
Here's a close-up. Her daughter must have had a lot of fun collecting all these different skeleton prints.
This is the fabric they chose for the quilt binding. It is called "Quiltmare (as in nightmare)." Apparently there is also a "Knitmare" version.
Here are some lovely quilt tops that were finished at the weekend.
This is a mystery quilt class that Joannie took at Homestead Quilting and Fabrics. Terri taught the class.  It took Joannie nearly a year to complete this. This quilt has a lot of pieces!!! Terri is going to quilt it for her and they are going to display it at the shop.
Here are Marion's birthday blocks from 2012.
New quilter Wendy finished another top and it is being layered in this photo.
Here is Wendy with her personal quilting teacher, Nancy D.
Here is Jo Ann E. with her birthday blocks from 2014. I love the soft pastels that she chose.
Here's a close-up of some of the fabrics. Aren't they pretty?
Nancy D. finished this beautiful Christmas wall hanging. This lovely pattern is Holiday Lights by my good friend Kate Mitchell. You can purchase this on Etsy as a pre-cut, pre-fused kit here or just purchase the pattern here.
This is a new friend, Paula (Paula #2). She finished this lovely batik top.
More importantly, Paula brought the best chocolate cake to our retreat! It has a skinny layer of raspberry filling in the middle. I could go for a piece right now! Perhaps I'll just lick my monitor screen...
This was also made by a new quilting friend at the retreat. Sorry, I can't remember her name. I think she may have been the third Paula. Marion was enchanted by the reproduction pinks and browns in this zig zag pattern.
Linking up on Friday to Richard and Tanya Quilts and to Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Thanks for visiting! In my next post you will see some of the lovely Works in Progress (WIPs).

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  1. You ladies always get so much done. OK Wherever did she find the quiltmare fabric?

  2. That halloween quilt is crazy! how fun. And those batik's look so lush! (and the cake :)

  3. It's always a good feeling to finish a quilt! Wonderful job!!