Friday, December 11, 2015

WIPs, the Cape Cod Edition

Sorry to have kept you waiting, at long last, here are some of the beautiful Works in Progress (WIPs) from our recent Cape Cod retreat. You can read Part 1 and Part 2, if you missed them.

When life hands you scraps...
Lynne put her Accuquilt cutter to work BEFORE the quilt retreat.
Make some quilt blocks...
 Put them on the Design Wall...
 ... and watch all of your other quilting friends drool. These blocks belong to Lynne. I've never seen her make anything that wasn't fabulous. Me? I would have put those triangles right into the next pet pillow!

I had to do a Hexagon Intervention with Marion. Marion has been working on this quilt for a while. She makes a few rows at every quilt retreat and them puts them back in a box. She kept insisting that she needed to make more, so I finally told her to lay them out on the table and see how many she still had left to make.
Here are two rows...
The quilt kept on growing! We discovered that Marion had more than enough to make a bed size quilt. There will even be some hexagon rows on the back! Good thing I intervened or she'd have to make an RV cover instead!
The colors are bright and fun!
I spent my retreat time working on a quilt for my oldest nephew, Sam.
Sam's quilt on the design wall.
 We all made some blocks to give to Debbie for a Quilts of Valor quilt top.
Hooray for the red, white and blue!   

Linda's Mario blocks in progress. She has twin grandsons, so she has to make two Super Mario quilts. She couldn't find the fabric she wanted, so she cut these squares out of sheets.
Nancy D.'s batik star quilt in progress.
Wendy's Christmas quilt. She got it assemble and layered and was quilting it. It looked like it was almost finished by the time we left. She backed in Grinch fabric.
Jo Ann E. cranked out another set of pretty quilt blocks!
I have a few more photos, so I'll do one more Cape Cod post.

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  1. So many beautiful quilts. As you can imagine, I like the scrappy one best.

  2. Beautiful quilts. Now Marion's RV cover are we talking small RV or land yacht? :D

  3. Delightful inspiration in photos! It looks like all the hexagons are hand dyed fabrics to boot. I would dearly love to see her completely RV cover, I mean quilt. It will be gorgeous!