Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's National Pug Day!

How did I almost miss this?????

Honestly, folks, I don't make this stuff up! More information can be found here. And I found a Facebook page too! I even found Hug A Pug Day!

From left to right: Romeo, LarryPug, and Elvis
It's getting late, so we'll have to celebrate this weekend! Pug lovers unite! I'm marking my calendar so I will be ready for next year!

Pugs and kisses from the Pug Pack,

Romeo, Elvis, and LarryPug


PugMom Quilts (aka Nancy)


  1. This is awesome. Please hug a pug (or three) from me. Happy (belated) Pug Day, boys!

  2. Love it. My daughter has a new job she is cleaning houses. There is one that they have a little old pug that follows Sam everywhere she goes and just sits and watches her, and she has a brother who seems to like to run in the mud and across the kitchen floor as soon as Sam finishes mopping. Sam says they are pugalicious!

  3. What?!? I had no idea either!! Hooray for NPD! :) Pugs Rule!

  4. Hug the three for me (and Becca) too! Happy Pug Day to you! :)

  5. are those three singing praises for your intelligence at finding them??

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