Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Little Pug-aliciousness!

I found a surprise package on my desk yesterday. Inside was this cute little zipper pouch and four cotton quilting squares with lots more darling pugs.

Check out this pouch! Looks like Romeo, Elvis and Larry just got a new baby brother!

Here are my new quilt squares with lots of little Romeo's, Larry's and one Elvis.
I think this will make a cute wall hanging for my office cubicle.
It was a package from my friend Lisa! Lisa and I work at the same company, but we had never met until we took a quilting class together. I also write a blog for my company's Intranet site and she recognized me from my blog photo. We've been friends ever since. Lisa is a faithful blog reader, both here and in the office. She wrote me a lovely little note to let me know how much she appreciated the stack of quilt books that I gave her from my massive quilt book purge. Lisa is also coming along tomorrow night to sew with my Thursday quilting buddies. Lisa wants me to help her with her Lantern Quilt project. She said that I am going to really earn my gift!

Thanks Lisa!

Pugs and kisses,

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